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Is there medication for kidney disease in cats?

Is there medication for kidney disease in cats?

Cat kidney medication There unfortunately is no medication that can cure kidney disease. However your vet may be able to prescribe medication to help with associated conditions that cats with kidney failure may develop, such as high blood pressure and anaemia.

Can you feed a cat with kidney disease without a prescription?

Though this food is available without a prescription, but it is formulated for cats with kidney disease. It’s made for those who might want a prescription diet, but who aren’t in contact with a veterinarian or don’t want to pay top dollar for a prescription food.

What to look for in cat food for kidney disease?

You’ll look for the same nutritional qualities in any food for cats with kidney disease, whether it’s a prescription diet or not. High Quality Protein Low Phosphorus Low Sodium High Moisture Content Omega-3 Fatty Acids B Vitamins Probiotics

How are medications used to treat kidney failure in cats?

An array of medications helps to manage kidney failure in cats. For example, anti-vomiting medications may be needed to control a cat’s vomiting. Phosphate binders attach to phosphate in the intestine and prevent it from getting absorbed into the bloodstream. Erythropoietin, which stimulates red blood cell production, improves anemia.

What are the symptoms of kidney failure in cats?

So, when the cat is presented to the veterinary hospital, it is usually already in the last stages. This is why the disease is often referred to as “kidney failure.” The presenting symptoms at this time usually include loss of appetite, vomiting, and lethargy.

Which kidney diet is best for Your Cat?

High-quality animal protein. The kidneys help filter out the waste products produced when protein is broken down, so choosing high-quality protein is important to reduce the load on your cat’s Whole food ingredients. High moisture content. Controlled phosphorus and sodium levels. Plenty of omega-3 fatty acids.

Is there any cure for kidney failure in a cat?

There’s no cure for kidney failure, with the extremely expensive exception of a kidney transplant. Even if money is no object, your cat must be healthy enough to undergo the surgery, and he’ll also require special medications for the rest of his life.

How do you treat kidney failure in cats?

Treatment. Unfortunately, there is no cure for chronic kidney failure in cats. A treatment strategy of a specialized diet, medication and diuresis will help control the symptoms and provide comfort. Acute kidney failure may be reversed if immediate and aggressive veterinarian treatment is available for the cat.

Can cats be cured from kidney disease?

How Long Does a Cat Live with Kidney Disease? There is no cure for kidney disease. The best that any cat owner can do is manage the condition. This will increase a cat’s lifespan and improve its quality of life. Prognosis of Acute Feline Kidney Failure. The Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine reviewed 132 cases of acute feline kidney failure. Of these 132 cats, just 55 survived.