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What can I put on my guinea pigs sores?

What can I put on my guinea pigs sores?

Guinea pigs bite and scratch themselves to gain relief from the irritation, regularly causing open sores that can become infected. The problem is usually solved when patients are treated with two to three doses of ivermectin, 14 days apart.

Does my guinea pig have a skin infection?

Fungal skin infection (ringworm) in guinea pigs is most often caused by Trichophyton mentagrophytes. The primary sign of ringworm is the presence of bald, scaly patches, usually starting on the face (nose, around the eyes, and ears) and head. The bald patches may be flaky, crusty, or red.

Why does my guinea pig have sore patches?

So a pig with mange (caused by mites) will develop sore patches which will become infected with bacteria if not treated quickly. It is vital therefore to take a guinea pig with bare patches, scratching or bizarre behaviour to the vet straight away. Cage mates must also be checked as lice and mites will migrate to every animal in the habitat.

Are there any skin problems in guinea pigs?

Cage mates must also be checked as lice and mites will migrate to every animal in the habitat. The skin of the guinea pig is very thin and sensitive (which is why they were extensively used in the cosmetic industry for testing) and will break down very easily.

What should I do if my guinea pig has a sore on his lip?

In this case, the lesion was fungal in origin and responded well to topical treatments. Guinea pigs can present with crusty sores around the mouth and lip area and up towards the nose. This type of problem is often fungal in origin, so treatment with antibiotics – either orally and/or in the form of a cream or gel – may not work.

Why does my guinea pig have a pus filled cavity?

These can come up very quickly, because they are basically a pus-filled cavity which has arisen in response to a localized infection, caused possibly by a bite from another animal or a puncture wound. Sometimes they arise because of an infection in a joint or internal organ.

Why does my guinea pig have a lump under the skin?

Abscesses under the skin are very common in guinea pigs. They are the body’s attempt to ‘wall off’ an infection and keep it from spreading. Abscesses can form either after a bite from another guinea pig, or if something rough and sharp (e.g., straw) goes through the skin.

Why does my guinea pig have red sores on her back?

As greedy eaters, guinea pigs would always squeal at the sight of food and gobble up as much as they can. So if you’ve noticed that yours isn’t eating, it may be a symptom of urine scald. Urine scald causes red swollen skin between their back legs and the area may even have open sores.

What should I do if my guinea pig has skin problems?

Be aware before introducing any new guinea pigs if they seem to have any skin conditions. Before introducing food or bedding into the cage, make a habit of freezing it for a day. The extreme cold temperatures will kill off any potential parasites that may have been lurking in the packages. Spaying your female guinea pig is definitely recommended.

Why is my guinea pig scratching so much?

You will hopefully notice that your guinea pig is scratching more than normal before any outward signs are obvious. Whether the skin problem is caused by a fungal or bacterial infection or by a parasite, the initial signs are the same; scratching and the loss of small patches of hair.