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What did Billie Holiday do with her voice?

What did Billie Holiday do with her voice?

Using her voice as an expressive musical instrument she bent and glissed notes like a horn player, and blew along with the horns. She revised a song melody or rhythm to her interpretation, intuitively building one of the most distinctive personal voices of jazz and blues.

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What kind of songs did Billie Holiday write?

Holiday was composer (or co-author) of a dozen and a half songs, including “God Bless the Child,” “Billie’s Blues,” “Lady Sings the Blues,” “Don’t Explain,” “Fine and Mellow,” the latter her long time signature theme.

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When did Billie Holiday run into a cab?

In 1936 I had just come to New York, and it was my fortune to run into this cab with this lady standing up through the top. The cabs in those days had this slide-open roof. . . . The driver said: ‘Come on, Stump. This is Stump from Stump and Stumpy. Stump, this is Lady Day — Billie Holiday.’

What was the story of Billie Holiday’s Life?

Holiday’s story isn’t a complete drag, and funny details emerge along the way. The often humorous Rowles recalled trying to get the singer — who was usually hours late to begin with — from the dressing room to the stage: Someone would call her, “Lady Day,” and she’d say, “Hi baby,” and she’s off into a party scene.

Why did Billie Holiday not speak to her chauffeur?

When her chauffeur came home from jail after doing time for buying drugs (and refusing to implicate her), she wouldn’t even speak to him. The two Billie Holidays are difficult to reconcile with each other — though not impossible to reconcile with the sad, sodden voice on the records so many of us love.

What kind of songs did Billie Holiday Sing?

Billie Holiday Songs List 1 Lady Sings The Blues 2 New Blow Top Blues 3 Today I Sing The Blues 4 Walking Blues 5 I Ain’t Gonna Play No Second Fiddle 6 Hesitating Blues 7 Uneasy Blues 8 Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out 9 Waiter, Make Mine Blues