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What should I do if my cat has bad breath?

What should I do if my cat has bad breath?

Your pet will receive general anesthesia and, once sedated, the veterinarian will remove plaque and tartar from her teeth and check for any diseased teeth that may need to be extracted, Marzec says. In addition, X-rays may be taken. Consistent oral hygiene can prevent periodontal disease from coming back.

Why does my cat’s breath smell so bad?

If you notice your cat’s breath is smelly, it’s likely that there is an underlying problem. Look out for other symptoms such as: Red, inflamed gums (gingivitis) Excessive drooling. Tartar build up (see picture) Weight loss. Eating less or nothing at all.

Can a cat with liver disease have bad breath?

In addition to foul-smelling breath, a cat with liver disease may have yellowing of the whites of the eyes or yellowing of the skin on the ears or on gums, Kornreich says. She may also be lethargic, have a poor appetite, vomiting or diarrhea, and drink and urinate more than normal.

Can a cat with oral cancer have bad breath?

Oral cancers can also produce foul mouth odors, Kornreich says. As a tumor grows, it can become infected and cause halitosis. “Unfortunately, by the time cats with squamous cell carcinoma [and other types of oral cancer] are diagnosed, the prognosis is not good,” says Kornreich, noting cats typically will only live two to six more months.

How do you treat bad breath in cats?

Natural Remedies for Cat Bad Breath Brush your cat’s teeth regularly. Avoid dry food. Coconut oil can help with your cat’s bad breath. Give your cat raw meaty bones. Take your cat to the veterinarian to get a complete dental cleaning.

What does cats breath smell like?

Cats can normally have slightly fishy breath that smells like cat food, but it’s usually not strong or offensive. Foul-smelling breath or a sudden increase in the breath’s odor can be an early sign of a problem.

Why do kittens have bad breath?

Bad breath in cats may be caused by several ailments. In young kittens, bad breath can be caused by ulcers in the mouth as seen in kittens suffering from feline calicivirus or feline herpes virus, explains Dr. Joey, a board certified veterinarian.