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What smells do hermit crabs like?

What smells do hermit crabs like?

They are eager to gobble down any fruit, nuts, fish or coconut flakes that comes their way. Terrestrial hermit crabs love peanut snacks, but can only smell them when it’s wet.

What foods should hermit crabs not be eating?

Foods Hermit Crabs Should Avoid 1 Processed Foods. Hermit crabs like to eat anything and might be excited to eat the same food as you, but processed food shouldn’t make it into their enclosure. 2 Chlorine Treated Water. Seachem Prime Fresh and Saltwater Conditioner – Chemical Remover and… 3 Fertilized/Treated Flowers & Grass. …

What do hermit crabs like to do the most?

Hermit crabs like to climb, so make sure to include 1 or more driftwood branches. You can get a driftwood branch by searching around on a beach or you can purchase a driftwood branch from a pet supply store. Driftwood is a great option since hermit crabs usually live by the sea.

How often should you feed a hermit crab?

How and When to Feed. Some hermit crabs will go several days without eating at all — or a whole month when they’re molting — but be sure to provide food every day anyway. Discard perishable foods within two hours; change other foods daily. Multiple hermit crabs need more than one dish to be sure all get ample food.

Where can I get sand for my hermit crab?

You can purchase sand at a pet supply store, use hardware store sand, or get sand at the beach. Place 2 shallow dishes of de-chlorinated water in the enclosure. Hermit crabs need to be able to soak in water, so get 2 dishes that are large enough for your hermit crab to get into.

What kind of fruit do hermit crabs like?

Popular choices of fruit to offer your hermit crabs include mango, coconut, apple, banana, strawberry, melon, and pineapple. Vegetables are another healthy option to offer your hermit crabs and can be given a bit more often than fruit. Spinach, carrots, broccoli, sweet potato, and corn are all great choices.

How does a hermit crab respond to food?

Hermit crabs also respond to the sight of other hermit crabs eating, so you are likely to see more than one crab feasting at a time. When hermit crabs eat, they pick the food up with their claws and put it to their mouths. You can enjoy watching your hermit crab “shovel” his food into his mouth.

Are there any foods that are bad for hermit crabs?

There are some concerns about the preservatives and ingredients found in these foods as some are known to be harmful to hermit crabs. More specifically, the antioxidant Ethoxyquin, Copper Sulfate, and BHT (butylhydroxytoluene).

Can you play with a hermit crab like a kitten?

Hermit crabs are naturally playful creatures, but you cannot play with them in the same way as you might play with a kitten. Instead, make sure that your hermit crab has everything it needs to thrive and encourage it to explore and play on…