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When to seek help for a hissing cat?

When to seek help for a hissing cat?

“If your cat appears to be in pain, have an injury, or is at risk of injuring another pet or person in the house, don’t hesitate to seek immediate help,” adds Demos. Other signs that could indicate that the hissing may be due to a medical problem include the following, according to Gibbons.

Who are the most famous cat behaviorists?

One of the three notable cat-only behaviorists and cat behavior science authors in the United States, Mieshelle is known for her creative and innovative solutions to feline behavior problems.

What can I do about my cat’s behavioral problems?

Feline Behavior Problems Treated in Our Two Consultation Cat Behavior Wellness Programs: Cat aggression with owner, other cats, or people within the household. Introducing new cats, animals, or new people to the household Clicker training to promote healthy behaviors and a predictable environment

Why does a cat hiss at a person?

Why Do Cats Hiss at People? Cats hiss at people because that cat feels an immediate threat, says Bennett. “His first instinct is to hiss in the hope that you will back off,” she says. “Hissing at you usually means you’ve moved too quickly toward the cat or he’s unsure about what you’re about to do.”

Where can I get a consultation with a cat behaviorist?

For example, if you live near Nashville, Tennessee you could contact Cat Behavior Associates and arrange for an in-home consultation with Pam Johnson-Bennett. She’s the star of a television program called “Psycho Kitty,” and will charge you $350 for 90 minutes (you can see that a bit of fame will help you raise your rates).

What should I do if my cat is hissing at me?

Bennett recommends giving the cat time to settle down, and providing an escape option. “If a cat feels there isn’t any choice, that’s when aggressive behavior might be displayed,” she says. Additionally, Bennet explains that it’s important to never punish a cat for hissing or you’ll increase your feline’s fear and aggression.

Who is the best cat behavior consultant in San Francisco?

Marilyn Krieger is a certified cat behavior consultant and offers 90-minute sessions in the San Francisco area for $280 plus travel. She also offers consultations by phone or Skype for $190 for 90 minutes. Carole Wilbourn, also known as the “The Cat Talker” uses a “family therapy” approach to fixing cat problems.

Where can I find information on cat behavior?

CatWatch: This informative newsletter is from the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. IAABC Cat Division blog: The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) offers this open-access blog about cat behavior and training. Dogs Have Owners, but Cats Have Staff!