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Why does my cat have a blue eye?

Why does my cat have a blue eye?

Cataracts are another common ocular disease seen amongst older animals. Cats with cataracts often have a cloudy, blue appearance that starts in the pupil then spreads to the rest of the eye. Jaundice is a symptom of liver problems that results in an increased expression of yellow pigment around the eyes and skin.

What are the symptoms of blood in the front of the eye in cats?

Symptoms of Blood in the Front of the Eye in Cats 1 Red or pink-colored fluid in the eye between the area of the cornea and the pupil/iris. 2 Swelling of the cornea. 3 Corneal lesions. 4 Cuts or bruises around the eye area. 5 Eye discharge. 6 (more items)

What causes a purebred cat’s eye to change color?

It is condition commonly seen in purebreds such as Persians, Himalayans, Siamese and Burmese cats. Eye injuries can also result in a change in eye color in cats. This is because if the eye is damaged, red blood cells in the eye can cause the eye to appear darker.

Why does my cat rub his eyes on my Pants?

You’ll also find that cats with red, swollen eyes constantly rub their faces on anything from the couch to your pants, all in an attempt to relieve the itch and irritation. While an occasional eye discharge is usually not something to worry about, chronic discharge certainly is.

What are the symptoms of upper respiratory infections in kittens?

Symptoms: Sneezing is the main symptom of upper respiratory infections in cats, though sometimes kittens will develop a yellowy goopy discharge from their eyes and a runny nose. If your kitten is having trouble breathing or refuses to eat, the situation is more serious.

Why is my cat sneezing blood with an upper respiratory infection?

Sneezing and excessive nasal discharge are primary symptoms of these infections. Sneezing may be persistent and severe, which can rupture blood vessels inside the cat’s nose.

Why does my cat bleed all the time?

Severe hyphema typically presents with the entire chamber filled with blood, blinding the cat. Symptoms of hyphema are dependent on the extent that bleeding has occurred and the location from where the bleeding began. There are several diseases or conditions that can cause hyphema to occur. These conditions include: