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Why does my cat keep itching his ears?

Why does my cat keep itching his ears?

Allergies. Cats with allergies, particularly food allergies, often develop itchiness that is focused around the head and ears. If your cat is scratching in this area and no obvious cause can be identified, an allergic reaction may be to blame.

Why does my cat keep scratching his ear?

The cat scratching their ear a lot may be the first thing which draws our attention to the problem. If the skin becomes raw, it is very advanced. The cause of ear problems in cats is often from ear mites. In the minority of cases, it is possible the underlying problem is a more serious condition.

What causes scratching and head shaking in cats?

Bacterial and fungal (yeast) infections of the outer ear often look quite similar to ear mite infestations. The symptoms – scratching and head shaking – are essentially the same, but if you look closely at the ears, you may notice some differences.

What to do if your cat has ear problems?

Common Ear Problems in Cats. The skin in affected areas can also become thickened, scaly and covered with crusts. Cats may also become systemically ill and even die in severe cases. To plan appropriate treatment, a veterinarian must examine skin scrapings under a microscope to identify the type of mite that is present.

What to do if your dog is scratching your ear?

You can double check by using a flea comb, raking down to the skin surface to check. The next would be mites. You may not see visible evidence, but try dabbing a bit of alcohol on a tissue, wrap around your finger, stick it in and swipe, while holding the tip of his ear with the other hand so as to be able to get deep enough.

What causes your cat to scratch his ears?

Why Do Cats Scratch Their Ears So Much? Ear Infections. Infections to the middle or inner ear are invariably caused by bacteria. Allergies. If a cat has an allergy, it will lead to dry, itchy skin. Ingrowing Fur. Sometimes, a cat’s itchy ears are caused by fur. Trauma and Wound Healing. Stings. Sun Damage. Trapped Foreign Objects. Hypertension. Polyps. Diabetes.

Why is my cat scratching his ears so much?

The most common reason why cats scratch their ears is ear mite infection. Ear mites are parasites that attach themselves to the pet’s body and feed on oils and tissue present in the ear canal. The pet excessively scratches his ears and causes open sores.

Why is my cat scratching its ears and shaking its head?

When a cat is scratching the ear and shaking the head, it can be a sign of many different ailments including mite bites in the cat’s ear. |. If your cat seems to be scratching his or her ears and shaking its head, it is possibly due to several different conditions or parasites .

What to do if kitten is scratching their ears?

Part 1 of 2: Getting Veterinary Treatment for Itchy Ears Have the cat seen by a veterinarian. If your cat is scratching its ears a lot, if you spot signs of infection, or if the cat’s itching has caused Have the cat’s ears cleaned. Your veterinarian may suggest that the cat get its ears cleaned at the veterinary office or by you at home. Allow veterinary procedures to be performed.