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How do I raise my kitten to be nice?

How do I raise my kitten to be nice?

10 Tips on Raising a Happy Kitten

  1. #1: Never Use Your Hand as a Toy.
  2. #2: Hold Your Kitten Often.
  3. #3: Gently Stroke Your Kitten while Holding Them.
  4. #4: Hold Your Kitten Sitting Down, Not Standing Up.
  5. #5: Brush Your Kitten Often.
  6. #6: Clip Your Kitten’s Claws.
  7. #7: Leave a TV or Talk Radio On.

When do you take Your kitten to the vet?

Your kitten should be taken to her first veterinarian visit during this time. The first round of vaccinations should be done between six and eight weeks on the kitten timeline. The core immunizations she’ll need include distemper and the respiratory diseases, feline viral rhinotracheitis and feline calicivirus.

When to get a kitten spayed or neutered?

Some veterinarians will recommend spay or neuter procedures as early as 8 weeks. Ask your veterinarian’s advice at your first appointment. Cats come equipped with 18 perfectly shaped claws (some will sport a couple more), and your little kitten wants to explore his world by stretching his needle-sharp devices on all kinds of new surfaces.

Is it normal for an older cat to swat a kitten?

Your older cat may hiss and swat at the kitten when the newcomer does something unfavorable. This is completely normal and as long as it is just hissing and swatting, do your best to not interfere. Your older cat is establishing its role as the dominant cat in the household and the kitten is being taught where its boundaries as the new cat are.

When does a kitten become a full grown cat?

Many vets, however, will perform the procedure as early as eight weeks if the kitten weighs enough to safely undergo general anesthesia. By the time she reaches her first birthday, a kitten is no longer considered a kitten but is now a full-grown cat.

When to take your new kitten to the vet?

If you already have cats in your home, it’s best to go to the vet before bringing the new kitten home. Your new kitten may have an illness that is not obvious to you. Circumstances such as a rescued kitten or other urgent adoption may make a pre-adoption vet visit impossible.

When to bring your kitten home at 13 weeks?

When you first meet your kitten, offer up a treat or two. You want to make your new friend comfortable with you and her new home. It’s best to bring your cat home at a quiet time of day in a cat carrier. When you open the carrier, don’t be surprised if your kitten lingers inside. She will emerge when she feels comfortable.

How old do you have to be to wean a kitten?

Kitten Care: Must-Know Tips for Raising Kittens. Eight to eleven weeks of age. Kittens are usually weaned by eight weeks and should be eating kitten diet, which needs to be energy dense, rich in protein and highly digestible. Whether choosing dry kibble or wet food, be sure it is formulated for kittens.

When do kittens start to take their first steps?

Around three weeks of age is usually when kittens start to take their first shaky steps. While they start out wobbly and unsure, as balance begins to improve during the fourth week they become more confident and eager to explore their surroundings. This is a good time to start kitten-proofing your home if you haven’t already done so.