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Big Night Out? Here’s What to Wear

Let’s face it, in this age of Instagram, Netflix and Zoom it’s become a lot more convenient to hang out with our digital selves than it is to see each other in person. But, for all the conveniences the digital realm offers, nothing beats getting together with your closest friends to hit the trendiest nightspots in town.

If you’re heading out on your big night out of 2022 and have forgotten how to dress for the occasion, this article will offer up everything you need to know about nailing what to wear. Gone are the days where you could rely on the trusty ‘jeans and a nice top’ combo for every occasion – 2022’s all about bringing you’re A-game to sartorial style. No matter what you’re planning to do or who you’ll be with, there is an outfit out there that’s just perfect for you.

Gig or Concert 

Whether you’re off to the comedy club or catching your favourite band while they’re in town, dressing for a gig or concert requires a balance between practicality and self-expression – the last thing you want is to be wearing car-to-bar heels while you’re queuing to get in. This is one night out where you can veer more on the side of casual, pairing clothing essentials with more personalised pieces to create an authentic look.

A staple concert outfit would be to throw a leather jacket on over a v-neck top or vest, skinny jeans and boots. Dark jeans and combat boots will add edge to your outfit, or you could soften things up with a top cut from tactile jersey or silk.

Date Night 

What to wear during date night all depends on where, exactly, your date is taking place. As with all occasions, the most important thing is that you feel authentic and comfortable in what you’re wearing – you never want to look like your clothes are wearing you.

For dinner dates, nothing beats a sophisticated dress. In 2022 we’re no longer restricted to just a handful of silhouettes and cuts; even high street retailers are producing fashion-forward pieces that are ideal for making the right first impression on your date. Monochromatic outfits in jewel tones will make you stand out in all the right ways, or you could always opt for classic black or white in a modern silhouette.

The Casino  

Historically, if you were visiting the casino there would be dress codes that you’d need to adhere to – particularly in swanky gaming palaces like the Casino de Monte Carlo. Nowadays, most venues are more relaxed in what patrons can wear, just don’t expect to rock up in flip flops and beachwear. However, there is still something so enjoyable about donning your fanciest clothes before hitting the tables.

Cocktail dresses are a go-to on a night out at the casino, but you can also experiment with pantsuits and well-tailored jumpsuits. Dark colours in luxurious fabrics like silk or velvet scream “Eleganza”, while shimmering dresses or blouses add a touch of sparkle to proceedings.

Girls Night Out 

Reuniting for a night on the town with your favourite female friends? On nights like this, it’s the company you’re with not what you’re wearing that makes it so special. Having said that, there is something fun about getting dressed up with your girls. The good news is that, since you’ll be with your besties, there’s no need to rush out and buy a whole new outfit.

You can transform any outfit you have in your closet with a dash of something special. And that special item can be leather, faux fur, sheer, embellished or metallic.

Leather and faux fur can give any old jeans and top instant cool points, while the addition of sheer layers makes that years-old shift dress you’ve got look straight out of the pages of Vogue. Embellished pieces add drama to simple outfits, while a flash of sequins here and there can be relied on to deliver instant glamour.