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7 Tips To Throw Memorable Weekend Parties

We’ve all been missing our friends and family. When you’re ready to throw a party for the right crowd, you want to go into the event as a refreshed hostess. Check out the tips below to make sure that everyone has fun and is excited to come back.

Keep Things Simple

Prep as much food ahead as possible. A charcuterie board with crisp white wine can be created in the morning and chill all day long. Fix a lasagna the day before so all you have to do is bake it for the party. Order a cake, or bake it the day before and frost it shortly before the event so you can sample the icing just to be sure. As possible, try not to have any appointments or scheduled events the day of your party so you can focus on getting ready. Finally, do treat yourself to a new outfit that makes you feel spectacular. Get your hair cut, do your makeup or trim your beard or both, and open that front door with a beautiful smile.

Go Into It Rested

Clean your house the day before the party! Do not engage in any drudgery on the day of the event. Do go ahead and call folks to confirm they’re coming so you have a good head count for food prep, liquor purchases, and sleeping spaces as necessary. Celebrate your loved ones by sleeping well, having fun with food, and perhaps having a glass of wine before everyone shows up.

Nurture, Support, Protect

Carefully check with your friends for any food allergies. Find out who may have gone vegetarian or has lost the ability to tolerate gluten. You want to be sure that everyone will have at least one snack and one entrée that will work for them.

Some friends may accidentally over-imbibe. Talk to an ally among your attendees who can gently help you talk that person into

  • staying over
  • getting a lift home with another party-goer
  • renting a car

With an ally, the over-imbiber will be more likely to listen and not make you the bad guy.

Provide a Ride to the Party

If your intention with this gathering is to provide your besties with the chance to intentionally over-imbibe, have some fun and rent an SUV with a driver to pick everyone up and get them all home. Such a ride could be a lot of fun and set the evening off on the right foot.

Determine Your “Why”

Why are you having a party? Are you trying to support a struggling friend, wanting to get to know a new acquaintance better, or throwing a shower for someone? By fully understanding your reason for hosting a party, you can build a better guest list and get the right people side by side.

Something for the Grownups

While this may not work for all guests, consider bringing in a group of like-minded folks for some fun review of toys and gear from an Erotica Adult Store Online. This could be a great way to boost the fun of a bachelorette party or support a newly single friend. Consider setting up a drawing for a gift card while you pass around your tablet or phone, showing off some of the more interesting products.

Close the Event Well

Close your party with

  • dessert, up to and including a birthday cake
  • an aperitif or cordial for the grown-ups
  • fireworks on the beach
  • a gift bag

Too often, one person leaves and the whole party departs. If you are having friends to stay over, keep an eye out for folks yawning or checking their phones and start your closing ritual then. If folks choose to linger, you can still celebrate the party, but nobody misses out on dessert or the fireworks.

Putting together a great party will take a few days. Don’t set yourself up to work all day and yawn through your party. You deserve a break too! Enjoy a drink, eat some great food, check out the grown-up toys, and celebrate your favorite people in a relaxed, comfortable state

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