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How do you get a cat to use a new litter box in a new house?

How do you get a cat to use a new litter box in a new house?

Switch to new litter gradually.

  1. If the old type of litter is no longer available, buy two or three new types. Put them in separate litter boxes side by side and let the cat choose its favorite.
  2. Try adjusting the depth of the litter, especially if it has a different texture than the cat is used to.

Why is my cat not using the litter box?

A cat with a health problem such as a urinary tract infection or arthritis may associate pain with using the box and decide to go elsewhere. Cats are extremely talented at hiding symptoms of illness, so it’s up to you to notice any changes in their habits or behavior. To rule out a medical reason, check with your veterinarian.

Is it better to use a hooded litter box?

Better litter means an easier to maintain box, a happier cat, and less litter box aversion. Cheap high dust-content litter can cause respiratory issues for cats especially when using a hooded litter box.

Can you move a litter box to a new location?

If you’re hoping to move not only the location of the litter box but also replace the litter box, the steps remain the same. Gradually move the old litter box to the new litter box in the new location. When your cat understands that new litter box is in its final destination, you may dispose of the old litter box.

Do you need more than one litter box for one cat?

Bigger cats require a large litter box meaning you’ll need to place the box in a room with more space. If you have multiple cats, you’ll need more than one litter box. Ideally, depending on how many cats you have, you should have an equal amount of litter boxes plus one.

What should I do if my cat refuses to use the litter box?

Add a few litter boxes in different locations, all of which have multiple escape routes. Make sure that children or other animals don’t have access to the boxes. If your cat is old or arthritic, use a litter box with low sides so she can climb in easily. Provide a litter box for each of your cats, plus one extra.

What are the most common litter box problems?

These common litter box problems could be repelling your cat: An unclean litter box. Too few litter boxes for the cats in the household. A cramped litter box. A litter box with a hood or liner. A litter box with sides that are high.

How often should I change my cat’s litter box?

If your veterinarian has ruled out a health problem, you can make a few changes to see if you can steer your cat back to the litter box: Scoop and change your cat’s litter at least once a day. Thoroughly rinse out the box with baking soda or unscented soap once a week.

Why does my cat cry when she goes to the litter box?

If your cat has bladder stones or a blockage, they may frequently enter their litter box. They may also experience pain and mew or cry when they try to eliminate. Their abdomen may be tender to the touch.