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How much should a 4 year old Maine Coon cat weigh?

How much should a 4 year old Maine Coon cat weigh?

The average weight of a Maine Coon cat varies from 8-25 lbs. The larger Maine Coons tend to be males, with a weight ranging from 15-25 lbs (6.8 – 11.3 kg). The average female Maine Coon weighs between 8-12 lbs (3.6-5.4 kg).

How long do female Maine Coons get?

The female can stand at about 8-14 inches tall and be the same length as the male (these averages vary greatly). At the larger end of the spectrum a coon cat can easily measure 45 inches plus long and 30 lbs. The most recent records for the biggest cat is for Stewie the Maine Coon (48 inches long and 33 lbs)!

How much does a female Maine Coon cost?

The price of a Maine coon ranges from $800 to $2000 (or more) and we’ll explain why this is. The average price you can expect to pay is $1500. Be extremely wary of sellers offering Maine Coons for less than $800 as it is unlikely you’ll receive a healthy purebred cat at this price.

How old is Theo the Maine Coon cat?

Theo is a house cat, he weights nearly 2 stone and was 1 year old on the 10 of may. Have his pedigree papers, and vaccinations card. He is not neutered, but this can be done on my part before he goes at his new owners request. He is very loving and playful and has been around our 2 young children.

How much does a Maine Coon kitten cost?

Maine Coon Kittens For Sale In Maine. 1 1. Maine coon cross British longhair kittens. Price: 400$ Description. 2 2. Registered Maine Coons Of Various Colours. 3 3. Young Male Maine Coon cat. 4 4. Maine coon female kitten. 5 5. TICA Registered Maine Coon Kittens.

What kind of personality does a Maine Coon have?

Registered Maine Coons Of Various Colours They follow you everywhere with an amazing loud purr. Talks with a chirp. Love being picked up. Loves human attention and cannot get enough. They are used to children and pets brought up in a loving smoke-free environment and part of our family. It saddens me that I cannot keep them all.