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How often do foster kittens die?

How often do foster kittens die?

Fifteen to 27 percent die of fading kitten syndrome before they reach nine weeks. Still, I didn’t think it could happen to us. Out of our hundreds of previous fosters, only one had ever died.

What’s the best way to foster a kitten?

Fostering kittens is a wonderful and helpful thing to do. Your local animal shelter probably has small kittens in need of temporary homes before they are old enough to adopt. There may also be rescue organizations in your area that need help fostering kittens before they are adopted.

How old do you have to be to foster a cat?

Thinking about fostering a cat from your local shelter? Read this first. When my husband and I (okay, mostly me) decided that we didn’t want to have any more children—we already have three kids, ages 2, 4, and 6—I became obsessed with the idea of getting a dog.

What do you need to know about fostering cats?

Start them in a small space. We have a designated room for our foster animals. It’s large enough that there’s space for our whole family to all be in there with them, but small enough that they feel contained and safe. Any room with a latching door will work fine. Keep them separated from other pets in your house.

Can you buy cat litter for a foster cat?

But if you can afford to buy the supplies yourself, it helps save the organization money. And keep in mind that any kitty litter, food, and other supplies you buy for your foster animal can be tax deductible. Hold onto those receipts. Be prepared for a few tears.

Why are there so many kittens in foster homes?

We like to have at least two kittens in a foster home so they can socialize with and learn from each other. Sometimes there are special circumstances in which a kitten goes to a foster home alone, but it’s usually for a medical or behavioral reason. The decision is made by the foster coordinator.

Do you need to foster mother cat if you have kittens?

You may need to foster the mother cat as well when you accept kittens. Keep this in mind when bringing the cats in your home. The mother cat will need care, bedding, and food as well. If you can’t give the kittens their own space that can be blocked off, where they can be kept away from other pets, then you probably shouldn’t be fostering kittens.

How to be the best cat foster parent-Petfinder?

Strained baby food meats or premium canned kitten foods are a good choice early on. As soon as the kitten starts eating solid food, a bowl of water should be available at all times. Kittens open their eyes at about two weeks and are moving around on their own by three weeks. Read more about cat adoption, rescuing and fostering on

How long does it take to foster a kitten?

Once you have been approved to foster and you have done your training, it may take a while before you get your first kittens to foster. It all depends on what the needs of the shelter or rescue are at the time. Decide what kind of kittens you want to foster. Ask the shelter what kind of kittens they have available.