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What are the signs of bloat in a poodle?

What are the signs of bloat in a poodle?

Common signs of bloat in a Poodle are: Hard, distended, or bloated abdomen

What does it mean when your dog Drools all the time?

Excessive drooling in dogs is called “hypersalivation”. If your dog is normally a heavy “drooler”, there is nothing to be worried about. You just have to deal with the problem by tying a highly-absorbent bandana around his neck!

What kind of health problems can a poodle have?

Diabetes is common in poodles. This is just like with people where their blood sugar gets very high. This can cause your dog to have signs such as drinking a lot of water and peeing a lot. If you notice this, your vet can easily and quickly check your dog’s blood sugar.

What can I give my Dog to stop drooling?

If your dog suffers from motion sickness, try giving him some ginger (e.g. ginger cookies) or ginger tea. Sometimes foreign objects (e.g. bone splinters, small toys, fish hooks, etc.) may get stuck in a dog’s esophagus, causing the dog to suddenly gag, retch, drool, as well as regurgitate.

What’s the worst thing about having a standard poodle?

Standard Poodles also need a lot of daily companionship. They suffer from loneliness and separation anxiety if left alone too much. Most Standard Poodles are “soft” and sensitive dogs, sometimes hypersensitive. If you touch them unexpectedly or startle them with a sudden loud sound, they tend to flinch.

What should I know about taking care of a poodle?

Below you’ll find plenty of details on how to take care of a Poodle: puppy care and development, exercise needs, diet and nutrition, and more are covered here. (And though this breed has Standard, Miniature, and Teacup size varieties, these Care sections cover the larger Standard Poodles only.)

What’s the best size for a standard poodle?

You do have to watch your lines: some Standard Poodle lines are high-strung, nervous, even neurotic. If you want a dog who… Is medium to large, combining sturdiness and athleticism with elegance and grace Has a short curly coat that is virtually non-shedding (poodles of any size are the best dog breed for people with allergies)

Who is the best trainer for Standard Poodles?

Standard Poodle temperament, personality, training, behavior, pros and cons, advice, and information, by Michele Welton, Dog Trainer, Behavioral Consultant, Author of 15 Dog Books Many people have misconceptions about Poodles — that they look and act like “sissy” dogs.