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What are the symptoms of an uncontrollable cough?

What are the symptoms of an uncontrollable cough?

Following are some of the symptoms of an uncontrollable cough: Continuous involuntary coughing even when the person feels out of breath. Sore throat due to continuous coughing. Expulsion of sputum in cases of productive cough. Vomiting might also happen in an effort to expel an offending trigger.

What are the symptoms of coughing up phlegm but not sick?

It can also cause a cough. Other symptoms include: excess saliva; sore throat; difficulty swallowing; oral hygiene issues; Approximately 25–35% of people in the United States will experience …

What causes uncontrollable coughing with a barking sound?

This acid-induced irritation and injury to the esophagus causes uncontrollable coughing along with symptoms of heartburn. Croup is an acute condition caused by viral infections of the upper respiratory tract. The airways get swollen and breathing becomes difficult. The cough produced in croup has a characteristic barking sound.

What causes a cough that lasts for weeks?

A cough that lasts for weeks could be caused by smoking, postnasal drip, asthma, acid reflux, respiratory infections, COPD or another underlying problem. Don’t delay your care at Mayo Clinic Schedule your appointment now for safe in-person care.

What causes excessive coughing fits?

Coughing fits, especially if they are extreme or if an individual has a full stomach, can lead to vomiting. Common causes of these types of extreme coughing fits include cough-variant asthma, lung disease such as COPD, acid reflux (GERD), and post-nasal drip.

What causes intermittent dry cough?

A persistent dry cough can be caused from a upper respiratory infection or bronchitis. Other common causes for a dry throat cough include asthma, smoking, or viral throat infection. Viral pneumonia and COPD are less common causes of dry cough.

What causes violent coughing attacks?

Any number of things can trigger a coughing attack — a stressful occurrence in which a cough just won’t let up for several minutes: A cold, sinus infection, allergies, dust and swallowing liquid or food the wrong way can all contribute to an intense coughing episode.

What to do about a chronic cough?

Apple cider vinegar, garlic, and onions are used as natural home remedies for a chronic cough. Herbs such as horehound , marshmallow, and slippery elm are also known to ease the discomfort associated with chronic cough. Herbs such as hyssopus and althea also soothe the chest during chronic cough.