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What to do if your cat eats an azalea?

What to do if your cat eats an azalea?

If you believe your cat has eaten any of these and is showing signs of being sick, contact your veterinarian or call the Animal Poison Control Center immediately. Continue to 2 of 10 below. Azaleas are a member of the Rhododendron family. All plants in this family are moderately toxic to cats, including all parts of the plants.

Are there any flowers that are safe for cats to eat?

Irises are favorite flowers in old-fashioned gardens, where they were once known as “flags.” They are fairly safe to use in gardening, once planted. Although all parts of the plant are dangerous to cats, it’s the bulbs that can cause gastrointestinal symptoms. 6  Take precautions if your cat (or dog) likes to dig.

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What kind of plants should I put in my garden for my Cat?

1 Keep Your Cat Safe in the Garden. 2 Azalea. 3 Chrysanthemum. 4 Daffodil. 5 Hydrangea. 6 Iris Bulbs. 7 Ivy. 8 Lily. 9 Marigolds. 10 Wisteria.

Are there any azaleas that are poisonous to pets?

by Janine Logue. Though beautiful, azaleas can be deadly. Azaleas are a type of rhododendron plant. Though a beautiful garden plant, all parts of all types of the rhododendron are considered poisonous to both pets and humans. Animals that ingest the plant should be taken to a veterinarian immediately.

Why are the leaves on my azalea plant falling off?

As leaves are being eaten by the pests, the azalea plant loses its ability to properly photosynthesize from lack of foliage. When photosynthesis has been disrupted, the azalea plant becomes malnourished.

What kind of moth is eating my Azalea?

Azalea Caterpillars Azalea caterpillars feed nearly exclusively on azalea plants. Female brown moths deposit up to 100 eggs underneath azalea leaves. Eggs hatch and larvae eat in clusters side-by-side on leaves.