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5 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Laptop

You know that nothing exists forever especially the tech. But whenever you treat well then your device like Laptop may possibly stay for a few years.

You don’t need to become a computer engineer to treat your PC nicely rather you have to give up some bad habits. Sometimes you can’t easily identify those bad habits because of becoming used to it. So, for you, we enlist 5 little-known factors that could affect your laptop.

The 5 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Laptop

Hopefully, after leaving the following bad habits you can enjoy a satisfying performance for a long time.

1. Leaving the Laptop on a Solid Surface

A laptop is natural to become hot after using a good amount of time. When the laptop becomes too hot, it will lessen the hardware’s (battery, processor, or fans) lifespan. So, your laptop requires additional care than your desktop.

Users are seen to become used to in a bad habit like keep their laptops on a solid surface.  So, what happens while you put your laptop on the solid surface?

A laptop is mechanized with a fan that used to cool down this machine. Here the fan continuously rotating to ensure airflow. When you leave your laptop on the solid surface then it will retard the natural airflow eventually your laptop’s heat becomes too high.

2. Carelessly Handle the Laptop

While a desktop stuck you in a distinct place, a laptop lets you change the place whenever you want. Sometimes some users are seen to pick up their laptop by its display, opens its grip from one side with a heavy force, and throws it on the couch.

Now you throw it on the couch but someday it will possibly fall in the hard surface. Moreover, your hard disk will badly damage due to the continuous shaking of the laptop.

A laptop is pretty much durable, but the recurrence of such habits will gradually reduce its lifespan.

3. Frequently Discharging the Battery

A laptop’s powerhouse like the battery can run without a connected charger for 8 hours. It does not indicate this 8 hour of the battery lasts for a long time rather it degrade gradually.

Like at first you get 8 hours then you will be lessened by six or seven hours. You will find no escaping tactics from this degrading. So, wise to go for a solution from the beginning like shallow discharges and frequent recharge.

Don’t worry frequent discharging of the battery will not damage the battery. Luckily, your laptop is functioned to display a message when it needs charging.

4. Wasting Time on Unnecessary Maintenance

Back in a few years ago, when we used to operate Windows XP with limited hardware and the operation was slow. At that time few PC maintenances slightly boost up the performance. Now, we only need to wipe out some unnecessary data (temporary files, cache) to boost up our PC’s performance.

However, sometimes maintenance will be harmful to your laptop like you may unintentionally delete the system file from the “C drive”. Which therefore makes your laptop too much slow even shut off. Another is too much-unregistered maintenance software will hamper your laptop’s performance.

5. Browsing the Internet Unprotected Way

The world is now panicked by the malware problem which most likely spread through the internet. All the sites even legitimate also from the internet are vulnerable to spread malware.

Don’t take the malware as a trivial matter recently ransomware (WannaCry ransomware) becomes a headache for more than 200000 users. We have a tendency to surfing online without taking any precautions.

Luckily, people have the option to rely on software for protection like anti-virus software. Thankfully, Microsoft brings a pre-loaded software called Windows Defender which works superbly against the virus.

Here the free version is good for occasional use but better to get the paid version. The paid version will mark the potential harmful websites so that you can be careful during surfing.