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Do cats tend to lose weight as they get older?

Do cats tend to lose weight as they get older?

Cats tend to lose the ability to digest and absorb fat as they grow old. Although obesity does occur in middle-aged cats, feline seniors more often lose weight and take on a distinctively “boney old cat” feel. Some older cats also do better with several small meals per day instead of one or two bigger ones.

What should I do if my cat is losing weight?

To determine what is causing your cat’s weight loss and design the best treatment plan for you and your pet, your veterinarian will likely do a complete physical exam, blood work, and urinalysis.

What happens when a cat loses a lot of weight?

When a cat becomes hyperthyroid, their metabolism goes into overdrive—they lose weight, are ravenously hungry all of the time, have a very high heart rate, and often meow at night and have trouble sleeping. They may also drink a lot of water and urinate large amounts.

How can you tell if your cat is losing weight?

It’s not always easy to detect weight loss in your cat. The fluff of fur covering most cats can serve as camouflage for weight loss until there is a big change. Unintentional weight loss in cats can be a cause for concern.

What to expect from a 10 year old cat?

She might not decide to climb the cat condo quite as often or leap from that high bookshelf onto the couch. Mentally, she’s still sharp, but at this age it may take her longer to adjust to changes in her routine or environment. In fact, she may not handle any stress well, and even act fearful of anything new or different.

Can a 10 year old cat lose weight?

However, in many cases aging cats lose weight without evidence of organic disease using readily available standard diagnostic methods. Recent evidence has indicated that some 30 to 40 percent of cats aged 10 to 12 years have low fat and protein digestibility and subnormal serum cobalamin (vitamin B-12)…

Is it normal for a feline to lose weight?

Feline weight loss is the symptom that worries me the most of any warning signs you may see at home. It is the one cat illness symptom that most often has something serious associated with it. What are the Causes of Feline Weight Loss?

Why does my senior cat keep losing weight?

Hyperthyroidism is one of the more common reasons that a cat will lose weight especially when they get into their senior years. What is hyperthyroidism? It is a glandular disorder and the most common symptoms are weight loss and increased appetite. The average age of cats diagnosed with the hypothyroidism is 12 to 13 years old.

Is it normal for a cat to gain weight year after year?

Because cats tend to stay the same weight year after year or they gain weight, it is ALWAYS of concern if you notice your cat losing weight. There are some myths associated with feline weight loss as well.