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How did a woman with a broken hip recover?

How did a woman with a broken hip recover?

The leg would just suddenly fold and put her off balance, but she’d recover. In the store, she reported that a sudden attack of sciatica pain (which was probably why the leg often collapsed) took her off balance and she fell to the hard floor, fracturing her hip.

How old was my mother when she broke her hip?

When my mother was 89 she fell at a store and broke her hip. This required a total hip replacement. Prior to the surgery she was not what you’d call solidly stable with her unassisted walking.

How did someone break both of their legs?

A brief wobble and a freak accident leaves me with two broken legs and a fractured sense of humour Broken Thoughts Part 1: What happened? …or how does someone break both of their legs?

How is Bryan doing with his broken leg?

Bryan lays down beside me in the dirt and holds my hand. I’ve never been so grateful for contact in my life. Im am soothed by the gentle friction of his thumb rubbing back and forward over the back of my hand as he holds it in his.

How long did I stay in the hospital for a broken femur?

In the hospital for three (3) weeks. Virtually all my various med team members said, sometimes in a whisper, that three weeks was an awfully long time. I say, “whisper” because the surgeon says, no, not long that long at that at all, considering, he put two (2) rods in my right femur and a replacement ball in the hip joint.

When do you need to use a crutch after a broken leg?

You’ll probably need to wear a cast, splint, or walking boot for around six weeks which keeps your bones in place while they heal. During this time, you’ll be non-weight bearing, which means you can’t put any weight on your injured leg at all, so you’ll need to use a mobility device like crutches, a knee scooter, or a hands-free crutch.

How did an elderly friend break her hip?

An elderly friend tripped while walking and broke her hip. Had surgery and was sent to rehab. Since at the NH for rehab she tried to climb out of bed twice and fell each time again. First fall no further injury. Second time not so lucky. Broke her femur.

Can a elderly parent have a broken femur?

This field is required. Yes, my mother broke her femur when she wasn’t at her house, but a cheap trailer…slipped on a scatter rug (a no no for elders). She recovered well, was 79 (that ended her career), went through rehab and then home. This field is required.