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How old are the kittens that ate spagetti?

How old are the kittens that ate spagetti?

They ate about one and a half cups divided among the three of them (they are all approximately 5-6lbs and 6 months old). We had put in a table spoon of garlic powder into a big pot of spaghetti. I’ve been reading up on how garlic is bad for cats and I am very concerned.

Why does my kitten eat clumps of litter?

This is most common in kittens just learning about their environment. A condition known as pica, which is an abnormal craving for a non-food substance, may cause an older kitty to eat clay clumping litter or other inedible things, according to VetInfo.

What should I worry if my cat accidentally ate some chocolate?

Alkaloids (in general) are designed to both deter herbivores with their bitter flavor, and kill them if they don’t get the hint (strychnine and many other alkaloids are quite toxic to most animals). I would freak out if my cat ate chocolate (or for that matter: onions, garlic, mushrooms, broccoli – those all have other phytotoxins in them).

How does clumping cat litter cause an obstruction?

The Theory. Clumping clay litter gets its clumping qualities from sodium bentonite, a clay that expands in the presence of water. If your furry friend winds up consuming a larger amount of this clay than her tiny digestive tract can pass, the clay supposedly could swell in her digestive tract, possibly creating an obstruction.

What to do if your kitten’s gums are white?

White gums. If you notice that your kitten’s gums are white, take them to the vet immediately, as this is most likely a sign of anemia, which is a condition that requires medical treatment. Healthy kitten gums are a light pink.

How can I Stop my kitten from suckling on my Skin?

Do not spray them with water or hit them even gently or raise your voice to them when they are suckling on your skin or the skin of your visitors. The best way to break your kittens of this bad habit is to discourage them.

Why does my cat suckle on her kittens?

They are both still young, and they are likely doing this because they were taken from their cat mother too early. In kittens that were taken from their cat mothers too early, this behavior is quite common.

How old is the kitten that is suckling on her brother?

Return to KITTENS. We have bottled raised 6 kittens and they are now 10 weeks. One of our girl kittens is inappropriately suckling on her brothers private parts. Please help me figure out the best course of action to take with this.