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How To Choose An Oscillating Tool?

Everyone involved in the “fixing” business loves the multipurpose oscillating tool. This magical piece of machinery can power blades, sanders, scrapers, and a variety of cutting tools that can be used in multiple home improvement projects. And the best part, it can go any place where other devices can’t reach. Are you searching for an oscillating tool? If yes, then here’s is a guide to choose one of the best multi-functional tools.

  • Fuel type

While browsing for oscillating tools, you will encounter both corded and cordless variants. Corded models use electricity to operate and hence never runs out of juice as long they are connected with a power outlet. Corded tools come with long power cable and can be used without extensions. So, you can purchase a mains powered multipurpose equipment unless there’s no electricity where you are planning to use it.

Cordless versions of oscillating devices use a battery for power and runtime. You can use them anywhere with a charged battery. After a few years, their cells need to be replaced because they cannot hold the charge for long.

  • Accessories

Such tools come with a variety of blades and accessories. Some of them also come with a hard case and bag to store and carry the attachments. For example, the Dewalt DWE315K comes with 29 add-ons, hard case, and a bag to store everything. Know what you need and choose a model accordingly.

The next consideration is the mounting system. Some of the manufacturers use a standard mechanism to attach blades and other accessories. Several other models need an adapter to mount blades and attachments from other brands.

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  • Check the contents

These multipurpose tools are generally sold as kits containing a variety of attachments. However, you should always check what are you getting inside it. A 26-piece package might include 18 low-quality sanding pads. So, check the packed items before you make the payment.

  • Power

Power tools are always better, no doubt. But, do not consider it as a decision-maker in case of oscillating devices. We tested multiple models between 1.5 to 5 amp and came to know that there are minor performance differences between a 1.5-amp tool and a 3-amp tool. Anything above that is robust, sturdy and can be used under harsh conditions.

  • Budget

You can purchase a multipurpose tool anywhere between $45 to $250. Despite the substantial price gaps, we came to know that there are minor differences between the performances of cutting, sanding, or scraping. The real difference is the convenient and comfort while using them. Expensive models will reward you with a tool-free attachment of accessories, less vibration, comfortable handle so that you can use the device without feeling tired. And yes, a costly multipurpose machine will be durable as well. So, if you are a professional or you are always involved in DIY home improvement projects, then only you should purchase an advanced tool like Dewalt DCK423D2. For occasional cutting and metal shavings, you can use an affordable option like Worx WX686L or Dremel MM20-07.

  • Oscillating angle

How far will an attached accessory move from side to side? It matters more than the amp rating because a tool with high oscillating Itangle cuts faster. On the other hand, models with low angles are easy to control and gives you precise results.

  • Other useful features

Dewalt DWE315K comes with an LED light that illuminates the working area for better results. It can be helpful when you are working in basements or a newly constructed area where electrical wires are yet to be installed. Worx WX686L has an on-board wrench for more natural blade changes. It also has a variable speed control knob that will be helpful while dealing with different materials. Dewalt DCS355D1 also has a mechanism wherein you can install blades and other attachments without using wrenches. These features are not necessary, but they overall enhance the working experience. So, always look for such useful features while browsing for oscillating tools.


Today you must have learned about how to choose an oscillating tool. Well, that’s why we discussed all the factors you should check while browsing for multi-purpose tools. Purchasing a multi-functional device is not enough; you need to choose the right one to get what you desire. Follow the above-given tips to buy the best oscillating tool and make the most out of it.