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How to use Google voice fax number for faxing?

Do you have a Google Voice number? You can use it for faxing purposes. To use this number to receive and send a fax, you have to unlock this number and port it to reliable online fax service. In this way, you will be able to get the benefits of this faxing service.

If you want to choose the best online fax service, feel free to choose CocoFax. It is a reliable name to port your Google voice number. Keep it in mind that CocoFax is a secure, encrypted and HIPAA compliant faxing service.

With the use of CocoFax, you can decrease the expense of a phone line and a fax machine. Several trusted names, such as Digital Trends, Android Authority, New York Times, Toms Guide and many others recognize the features of CocoFax.

Unlock Your Google Voice Number

For Google voice fax with CocoFax, you have to unlock your number. Here are some simple steps to unlock this number:

· Go to an unlock page of the Google Voice.

· Use your Google Voice account to sign in.

· Choose the number that you are interested in unlocking.

· Tap on “Unlock” under the desired number.

· Click on “Continue” to confirm that you want to unlock a number.

· You have to pay $3 as a fee to unlock this number, so sign in to a Google Wallet for payment.

· Check your email to ensure the presence of a payment receipt.

· Port a Google Voice Number with CocoFax

To start porting, go to CocoFax and try for free. You have to send a request to port your Google Voice number by filing a form. CocoFax may need some details and check the eligibility of your voice number.

You will get verification from CocoFax if your number is eligible to port to their network. This procedure requires you to submit some extra documents. Based on a subscription package, you have to upgrade it to a business or premium plan.

Once everything is done, you will get a confirmation that your number is ported successfully to the CocoFax. Now you can use this number to receive and send faxes through CocoFax.

Receive Faxes through Ported Out Number via CocoFax

Share the ported out number with the senders. Open a web browser and CocoFax web app. Use your email ID to login to a CocoFax account. You will get access to a dashboard to send and receive faxes.

Check the left menu and tap on “My Faxes – Inbox”. Remember, the inbox will have all received faxes. Tap on any fax and download your desired attachments.

Send Faxes via Ported Number

If you want to send faxes, open CocoFax’s dashboard and go to “Send Fax”. You have to type in a recipient’s number and a message in the cover letter space. Now you can add attachments by clicking on a “+” sign. After composing your fax, tap “Send”.

Email to Fax: CocoFax Google Voice Number

You can use the Google Voice number and dashboard of CocoFax to send and receive faxes. It will be convenient to get faxes straight in your inbox along with instant notifications. You can use your email and Google Voice number to manage faxes. See these steps:

Step 01: Open an email client and enter Google Voice fax number of the recipient. In the “To” field, you will write, [email protected] Complete your fax by typing in a cover message and a subject line.

Step 02: Attach a document by tapping on a “Paper Clip” icon. Feel free to attach documents in different formats, such as png, jpeg, docx, xls, pdf, and doc.

Step 03: Check everything twice and click on “Send”. You will get a confirmation message stating that your message is sent successfully.

If you want to receive faxes from email on the same number, share your Google Voice number with senders. Check the inbox of your email account or dashboard of CocoFax. You can open and download attached documents without any hurdle.


Google Voice Number is useful to send and receive faxes. You have to unlock this number to use it for faxing. Once your number is unlocked, port this number on an online fax network. CocoFax can be an excellent choice to port your Google Voice number.

Send a porting request to CocoFax and wait for their response. They will evaluate the eligibility of your number before porting it. After porting a Google Voice Number, you can use it to manage your fax communications.