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Is the Himalayan cat part of the Persian breed?

Is the Himalayan cat part of the Persian breed?

While the American Cat Association considers this as part of the Persian breed, the American Cat Fanciers Association treats this cat breed as independent from the Persian breed. Whether it is part of the Persian group or not, it is evident that Himmies are like the Persian breeds that are sweet by nature, quiet, and gentle.

Where can I buy a Persian cat in India?

At MyKitten, Persian kittens and cats for sale are in many colors; White, Ash, Black, and Cream. They like to spend time indoors, climbs on the racks, and giving you lots of love. We deal with best persian cat breeders all over india, Check with us if you want to buy a persian cat or kitten for sale. Why Buy Persian Cat from MyKitten!

What’s the name of the Persian Kitten in Georgia?

Born on Mothers Day this little boys mothers name is Wildflower. He is super sweet and very people oriente… Chinchilla Silver Persian male with blue-green eyes. Born on Mothers Day this little boys mothers name is Wildflower. He is super sweet and very people ori…

What makes a Persian cat a high maintenance cat?

Persians are pretty high maintenance cats when it comes to their coats. They need daily brushing to keep their coats under control. Their hair will tend to mat, tangle, and accumulate dead hairs if not given daily attention. Plus, they’ll end up shedding excessively, which can cause quite a mess in your home.

Where can I buy Persian and Himalayan kittens?

We are a private in home cat breeder located in Essex County New Jersey (15 minutes from New York City and 1.5 hours from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) My name is Jo Ann and I have been a cat breeder breeding Persian, Himalayan and Exotic kittens for quite some time. The kittens health and well being are my number one priority above anything else.

Is there a genetic guarantee for Persian kittens?

Victorian Gardens Cattery is pleased to provide to qualified adoptive homes, the following Persian and Himalayan kittens. Please read the paragraphs before and following the Kitten’s description. Effective March 1, 2017, we are thrilled to change our One Year Genetic Health Guarantee to a Two Year Genetic Health Guarantee.

Is there a waiting list for Persian kittens?

If you would like a special sneak peek and the first chance to purchase one our beautiful Persian kittens please join our VIP & paid deposit waiting list. Most of our kittens are purchased by our VIP customers before they make their debut here on our primary website.

How many kittens does periwinkle the Persian have?

Periwinkle has 4 kittens. She has the following kittens: Red Male Persian and Three Black Female Persians (one Doll Face). The kittens are doing great though Periwinkle is struggling to produce enough milk for this growing gang.