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What happens if cats ingest Frontline?

What happens if cats ingest Frontline?

Luckily, the main active ingredient in Frontline is fipronil, which is not lethal if ingested. The medication’s taste usually causes the most notable reaction, as the cat’s mouth waters to get rid of the foul flavor. She’ll drool excessively, like foaming-at-the-mouth type of waterfall drool.

Is Frontline dangerous for humans?

Frontline, a flea preventative, can have adverse side effects for both humans and people. Frontline, a common flea preventative that disrupts flea neural receptors, is a suspected carcinogen and endocrine disruptor that can be toxic to the nervous system if ingested.

Can kittens have frontline?

FRONTLINE SPRAY controls fleas and ticks, and can be used on kittens from 2 days of age. Below you’ll find all the info you need to decide whether this product is right for your pet.

Why can’t humans use Frontline?

A carcinogen is any substance that can cause cancer. There is also the risk of skin irritation at the site of exposure to fipronil. Vets and groomers received a warning in 1996 in regards to possible contamination from increased exposure to Frontline. For these reasons, the use of Frontline on humans is ill-advised.

Can a cat overdose on Frontline flea medicine?

Cat 2doses of frontline plus cause i think he licked the 1st dose off. now im worried, how will i know if hes overdosed ? how many hours – can i say – hes gonna be ok. Plz. Answer!! Hi try not not worry.

Is it safe to use Frontline spray on kittens?

Frontline spray however can be used in puppies and kittens from 2 days of age. Frontline is safe for use in pregnant and lactating animals. Frontline may cause local skin irritation at the site of application but this is usually mild and temporary. If your pet licks the Frontline they may drool excessively and vomit.

Who is the manufacturer of frontline for cats?

Frontline is manufactured by Merial Animal Health and contains the active ingredient, fipronil.

What kind of medication is frontline for dogs?

Frontline is a liquid medication which contains the active ingredient fipronil, an insecticide, which is used to treat and prevent fleas, ticks and lice in dogs and cats. Frontline is manufactured by Merial Animal Health and comes in three different formulations.