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What is eating my calla lily leaves?

What is eating my calla lily leaves?

What animal eats calla lilies? Squirrels, chipmunks and voles all love to dig up and nibble on crunchy lily bulbs. Deer, rabbits and gophers usually prefer to munch on new, tender foliage. The best way to keep your plants from becoming a critter’s lunch is to block animals from reaching them.

Why do calla lily leaves turn yellow?

Yellow leaves are a sign of problems in the roots of the plant, for a number of different reasons. Yellowing leaves, known as chlorosis, is sometimes caused by a nutrient shortage in the soil, most often nitrogen, iron, zinc or some other trace element. Another common reason for yellowing calla lilies is root rot.

How do I get rid of bugs eating my Canna leaves?

Canna Lily Pest Control Many of the sucking insects can simply be rinsed off. Others may require a few weeks of spraying with horticultural oil or soap. In the greenhouse, wipe off leaves with a dilution of rubbing alcohol to control scale and mealybugs.

How often should you water calla lily plant?

Keep the soil very dry, watering sparingly every few weeks to prevent the bulbs from drying out. The area where the plant is stored should be low in humidity otherwise the bulbs get moldy and rot. After two or three months, return your Calla Lily to a bright warm spot and start watering.

What do I do with my calla lilies after they bloom?

Once the calla lily plant has stopped blooming, stop providing water to it. Allow it to go bone dry. The foliage will die back and the plant will appear to be dead. Place it in a cool (not cold) dark place for two months.

How long do potted calla lilies last?

Although this container plant can live year-round when in appropriate climates, allow it to die back for about two months each year. This will allow your calla lily flower to rest and come back with better blooms in the next growing season (it may not even bloom in its first year).

Should I remove yellow leaves from calla lily?

In autumn, after calla lilies have finished flowering, the leaves will turn yellow and die back. Cut the plants down to the ground, then dig up the tubers and place them in a greenhouse or on a warm, sunny windowsill to dry. When dry, wrap the tubers in newspaper and store them somewhere cool and dark over winter.

Can you eat the leaves of a calla lily?

The calla lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica) is a versatile perennial that can fulfill a variety of roles in the home landscape, from tropical specimen plant to potted house plant or elegant cut flower. Some people also find value in the plant as a food source, as its leaves are edible when cooked.

Why are the leaves on my Calla Lily turning yellow?

Yellowing leaves on any plant is usually a sign of nutrient deficiencies or improper watering habits. If your calla lily leaves are yellowing, first consider the timing. If the plant has just finished blooming, it could just be taking a natural rest period; simply cut it back and allow it to go dormant. Also consider your fertilizing routine.

When to cut back calla lilies for winter?

Calla lilies are rhizomatous plants, which makes them very easy to divide. If calla lilies are not hardy in your zone but you grow them as annual bulbs, in fall, when your calla lily begins to rest for winter, dig up the rhizomes and cut back any foliage still left on the plant.

What should the temperature be for a calla lily?

Calla Lilies like to be grown in warm humid environments, think in the 70’s or better for the most part. Once the temperature drops below the 50’s then you are chancing that your plant will get some sort of frost damage or at the worst, your plant won’t survive the cold.

Why do the leaves on my calla lily keep dripping?

Calla Lily Leaves Dripping Water There is another reason why indoor plants may have water dripping from their leaves: guttation. This phenomenon occurs when droplets of xylem sap are released from the tips or edges of a plant’s leaves.

What to do with calla lily in the winter?

If container grown, move the plant indoors and stop watering. Give it a dormancy period in a cool, dark location for about two months in winter. Treated as other tropical bulbs, dig up the rhizomes in fall, cut off any foliage and let them dry out.

Is it possible to grow calla lilies from seed?

If you’d like to try your hand at growing calla lilies from seed, you can leave the seed pods on the plant until they mature and dry out. Propagating calla lilies from seed is a very slow going process that requires a lot of patience; therefore, it is easiest and quickest to propagate them by divisions.

How often to fertilize a calla lily plant?

Fertilizer indoor calla lilies once a month with a balanced general purpose fertilizer. Indoor plants will also need a rest period to grow and bloom properly. To simulate dormancy, stop watering your potted calla after it blooms, allow it to die back, then place it in a cool (but not cold),…