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When can kittens get flea meds?

When can kittens get flea meds?

Capstar Flea Control Tablets are safe for kittens as young as 4 weeks old and start killing fleas within 30 minutes. Available without a prescription, Capstar is the only flea control product safe for kittens as young as 4 weeks and weighing at least 2 pounds.

Is flea shampoo safe for kittens?

Avoid flea shampoos, because they aren’t intended for use in kittens under 12 weeks of age. If you use soap, choose a nonmedicated, tear-free, gentle soap only—like Dawn or baby shampoo. Soapy water helps prevent fleas from jumping out of the bathwater, although it isn’t actually necessary to remove or kill fleas.

How to get rid of fleas on kittens under 12 weeks?

Follow these simple steps to remove fleas from your little kitten safely and naturally. Fleas on the Command Center: Puppies under twelve weeks should only be combed with a proper flea comb, designed to remove critters and eggs, from the skin out, every inch of the puppy’s body.

Where do you find fleas on a kitten?

Itching, small black flecks called flea dirt at the tail base and under the chin, and you MAY see live fleas crawling. You may see fleas or flea dirt with the use of a flea comb. You also may not despite thorough inspection; cats are great at catching and eating adult fleas on their body. How can I prevent it?

Can a 14 week old kitten take Comfortis?

Cats aged 14 weeks and older, or which are 2 lbs, may take Comfortis for fleas. Talk with your veterinarian to learn which flea medications might be appropriate for your cat. There are kitten specific flea treatments, but they aren’t recommended for say a 1 month old.

Is it bad to have fleas on a kitten?

Additionally, whilst for most adult cats the occasional flea that is quickly treated is not usually a major problem, fleas on young kittens can have a significant impact on their health, wellness and development, leading to potential problems such as anaemia and flea bite sensitivities.

How old does a kitten have to be to get rid of fleas?

The best options for getting rid of fleas on kittens depends on their age and weight. An 8-week-old kitten only weighs about 1.5-2 pounds. Most products are safe for use in kittens older than 8-10 weeks or over 1.5-2 pounds, but every product is different.

What to do if a kitten has fleas on its head?

If they have fleas on their head, wet a cloth and carefully wipe the area clean. Use a very small amount of kitten approved soap or shampoo to wash them. Do not take too long as the water can get cold and promote problems.

Is it safe to put flea products on kittens?

Typically, flea products haven’t been tested on kittens younger or smaller than that, so they may contain doses that are too high for very young, tiny kittens. Always read the warnings and instructions very carefully to be sure that a flea product will be safe and effective for your kitten.

How often should you use a flea comb on a kitten?

Use a Flea Comb For very young kittens—under 8 weeks—the safest option is using a flea comb on them once or twice a day. This will allow you to physically remove the adult fleas without exposing your young kitten to potentially toxic ingredients in products. Give Your Kitten a Bath