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Why does my cat hide behind the bed?

Why does my cat hide behind the bed?

If your cat perceives something around the house (such as a new item of furniture or a noisy appliance) as a threat, they may choose to hide under your bed for comfort. Remember that cats can be prey animals in nature (as well as hunters!) so they may take the precaution of hiding until they’re sure there’s no danger.

Will my cat hide forever?

For a kitty in a new or unfamiliar environment, hiding is a normal reaction. If your pet is uncertain, they’ll want to hide until they are sure they are in a safe place, without any possible threats. For this reason, it’s common to see new kitties make a dash under the bed when you first bring them home.

What should I do if my cat is hiding under my bed?

If she’s under the bed, or hiding behind the bathroom sink, sit in her starter room with her and read a book, or work on your laptop. 4. Associate you with good things. If she likes wet food or cat treats, push some into her hiding place a few times a day, and just sit near by as she eats it.

Is it normal for a cat to hide?

There are several reasons cats hide, and most cats include hiding as a normal, healthy activity in their repertoire of feline behaviors.

What’s the best place for a cat to hide?

The fear of the unknown can make us all act in strange ways. What are some preferred cat hiding spots? A common way cats hide is to box themselves in somewhere, like at the back corner of a closet.

Why does my cat hide in the Treat Bag?

“Knowing your own cat’s habits will tell you whether the hiding is a physical problem or an emotional one,” says Tracie. If your cat usually reveals herself from her hiding place at the shake of the treat bag but starts to ignore the call, you might want to consider whether something is amiss.

Why does my cat like to hide under my bed?

If your cat is hiding under the bed, it may be a simple matter of preference, or because he’s temporarily overwhelmed and needs a little break. If separating himself from the family is out of character, hiding under the bed may be a sign of illness or injury and may require intervention.

Why do cats hide underneath the bed?

It may also be because the cat is trying to observe her environment, or because she’s anxious due to things like a new pet in the house. Another possible reason why cats hide is the heat . Unbearable temperatures may force your cat to hide in places like under the bed. Finally, a sick and dying cat is also prone to hiding.

Why do cats hide for days?

This natural behavior; some cats hide for a few days because their new environment is unfamiliar and scary. An adult cat with past trauma may need more time to adjust than a new kitten who is simply shy and timid. Leave food, water and a litter box in the bedroom for the first day or two while your cat adjusts to life with his new family.

Why do cats hide in the House?

Cats usually hide more when they feel threatened. Many things can cause your cat to hide: A new pet at home or nearby: cats do not like sharing resources like litter boxes, food bowls etc. If stress or conflict occurs then one cat may hide more.