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Why will most people never be great at Stock Trading?

If you are into stock trading then “the stock market is all gamble” is probably not a new phrase for you. Every other person believes in this saying and soon you will be convinced that stock trading is not worth it. Well, that’s the main reason why people will never be great at stock trading. Stock trading is not luck and it’s definitely not the easiest way to make money.

Why do most People fail at Stock Trading?

Who is actually responsible for the failure in the market, investor, or the market? The market is only predictable for those who are connected with legit financial experts and brokers. Relying on 3rd party services is also an important factor that leads to failure for the most.

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Why do people fail at stock trading? You have already started seeing the bigger picture here. Let’s explore 10 major reasons why people will never be great at stock trading:

  1. They use a broker or online platform that charges a lot of fees or commissions which eats away your returns
  2. The strategy they use is too complex and/or paid for by their broker.
  3. They buy high when everyone else is buying, and sell low when everyone is selling
  4. They get in at the wrong time (selling high and buying low)
  5. Their discipline breaks down as they become more successful which causes them to end up with far less money than what they started with (“the curse of success”)
  6. They trade too much, which is a sign of weak discipline
  7. They get an addiction to gambling and playing the stock market, especially with penny stocks
  8. When they lose a lot of money they use it as an excuse to quit or buy high-risk stocks hoping for a big payout.
  9. They become depressed and suffer from “Stock Trading Dysmorphic Disorder” in that they can’t accept that they lost all their money and now have no way of ever getting it back
  10. They fall prey to some of the common stock scams out there run by con artists and brokers who are out to steal your money and/or give you bad advice.


Success and failure in stock trading are inevitable but just like any other aspect of life, better management and understanding of things can lead to better chances of success. If you don’t want to be one of those people who will never be great at stock trading, you need to be creative.

Affiliation with the right market resources and brokers is the only way to mitigate the chances of loss in stock trading. The market has seen smart people failing in the stock market because finding superior information is challenging. Connect with the right brokers for success in stock trading.