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How did dominoclaw get into the kittypets clan?

How did dominoclaw get into the kittypets clan?

Dominoclaw was nervous, he hadnt be suppose to be talking to the kittypets in the first place. Though after a conversation with Gorsestar, and a small trail period they where accepted into the clan. Soon they received clan named and Dominoclaw saved Rosepetal from a dog realizing he loved her.

Why does Domino have a wicked face scar?

༺《Domino is lean and muscular, he has strong legs do to the fact that he is use to hunting rabbits and having to chase after them.》༻ ༺《Domino’s scare serves as a reminder to him about brash decisions, he recived the wicked face scar in a fight with his father, a fight that ended up with his fathers death. 》༻ ༺《No Physical Illnesses are Present 》༻

What was the cause of dominoclaw’s death?

Dominoclaw wasnt the best apprentice and Snakepaw wouldnt let that go. Despite that, Dominopaw did morn his death when the apprentice died due to starvation during their first winter as apprentices. Personality》Snarky like her brother Snakepaw but overal warm towards most of her clan mates

Where did dominoclaw catch rose, Lizzy, Nellie and Lizzy?

༺《One day Dominoclaw was patrolling with his father and they caught some kittypets (Rose, Lizzy and Nellie all sisters) on Windclan. After demanding they leave the got into a small battle, claws sheaded as Tigertalon pointed out they where only soft kittypets.

Where are the claws on a cat’s foot?

Cats have a nail on the inner side of each foot called the dew claw. Remember to trim these as they are not worn down when the cat scratches and can grow in a circle, growing into the foot. In this photograph the trimmer is being held in the reverse of previous photographs, with the handles pointing up instead of down.

What’s the proper way to cut a cat’s claws?

The screws on the trimmer should be facing the cat. The nail should be cut from top to bottom, not side to side. The tip of the nail is placed in the hole in the trimmer and the handles are squeezed to advance the cutting blade through the nail.

How did domino fall out of the barn?

Crookedkit inquires about the cat, and Fleck says that Domino hurt it falling out of the barn loft. When Crookedkit asks where he is now, Fleck informs him that he is dead.

How did Domino adapt to his broken jaw?

Fleck continues by saying that he learned to adapt to his broken jaw by using one side of his mouth to hunt and eat. Fleck notes that Domino was one of the best mouse hunters on the farm. By using Domino’s techniques, Crookedkit becomes much more skilled at hunting.