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How old is a cat considered a senior?

How old is a cat considered a senior?

11 years
In recent years, feline ages and life-stages have been redefined, cats are considered to be elderly once they reach 11 years with senior cats defined as those aged between 11-14 years and super-senior cats 15 years and upwards. When caring for older cats it sometimes helps to appreciate their age in human terms.

What kind of veterinarian takes special interest in cats?

The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) is an organization dedicated to the special needs of cats. Members of the AAFP have a special interest in cats and feline medicine. When you are seeking a veterinarian for your cat who takes a particular interest in cats, AAFP membership is something to look for.

What to look for in a cat only veterinary practice?

Cat-only practices tend to utilize minimal restraint techniques – another stress reducer. You will also tend to find lots of cat-specific retail products in cat only practices. Are there any special designations I should look for when trying to find a cat only practice?

Are there any veterinarians that treat only cats?

Veterinarians and veterinary healthcare teams who dedicate themselves to see only cats place a high value on their feline patients’ distinct needs. They are especially interested in delivering medical care to cats in ways that help the cat (and its human family members) experience as little stress as possible.

Can a veterinarian take care of an older cat?

Your veterinarian can offer advice on choosing a diet that provides appropriate nutrition and the right amount of calories for your aging cat. “It’s especially important that senior cats have easy access to clean water because kidney function frequently deteriorates in older cats,” Dr. Goldstein says.

How old is the oldest cat at Cornell University?

Thanks to improved nutrition, living indoors, and advances in veterinary medicine, cats live longer and are now considered older at 12 to 14 years, says Richard Goldstein, DVM, assistant professor in small animal medicine at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, whose oldest feline patient reached a healthy 22 years old.

Is there such thing as an old cat dying?

While cats can live healthy lives into their late teens and even early 20s, there comes a time when your pet will begin to decline, either due to old age or a progressive or terminal medical issue.