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Is catnip toys OK for kittens?

Is catnip toys OK for kittens?

Watching your kitten entertain himself for hours with his catnip toy is truly entertaining. Even though catnip makes him act a little crazy, it’s a perfectly safe natural herb. Giving it to him too early isn’t a concern, although he may not respond to it if he’s still really young.

Should I be worried if my cat ate a bird?

If your cat eats the birds it catches there is a reasonable chance that he or she may suffer gastric upset (vomiting and diarrhea). Ingesting birds does not carry the same risks that eating rodents do but are not an ideal food source.

What happens if my cat eats a feather toy?

The most common impact, if your cat ingests feathers, is to the intestine. Depending on your cat, this can be as severe as needing emergency surgery or inconvenient as having a constipated cat. Certain dyes used to color cat toys, can cause rare allergic reactions in cats, especially if ingested.

Where can I get Feather toys for cats?

Some great places you can get natural toys from are: Peacock Feathers: Peacock feathers are a safer natural solution that can be ordered in bulk. Most peacock feathers are naturally molted by tamed peacocks from around the world. Natural Batting Toys: Natural batting toys are made from materials that are biodegradable.

Is it safe for cats to play with feathers?

Even if your cat is allergic to dyes, there are natural options available. Some cats may even instinctively just pluck the feathers out and leave them on the ground. The only way you will know the level of safety for your cat is to observe them when playing with feathers. The most common impact, if your cat ingests feathers, is to the intestine.

What should I do if my cat swallows a feather?

If you’re worried about you cat swallowing the feathers, then limit playtime with the toy. Only allow your pet to use the feather toy under your supervision. Using a feather wand is the best way to do this as you will be in control of the toy. Avoid using feather toys even under supervision with kittens.

Is the purr pillow by petstages for cats?

The Purr Pillow by Petstages is a must have for any cat who gets separation anxiety, or just for one who loves to cuddle! This soft, cozy pillow has a familiar, comforting purr that calms kitty when they’re stressed.

Where can I buy cat toys for free?

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What kind of toys do cats like to play with?

If your feline friend matches this description, they’ll most likely prefer a playtime that includes cat ball toys, cat feather wands, and cat chaser toys. Cat balls and chaser toys allow cats to swat, chase and pounce—all their favorite activities.