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What cat flea treatment lasts 3 months?

What cat flea treatment lasts 3 months?

Bravecto Plus^ is for cats from 9 weeks of age and from 1.2kg bodyweight. Treating with Bravecto kills the fleas present on your cat at the time of treatment, and continues to kill any new fleas that land on them for a full 3 months. No other spot-on lasts longer from one dose.

Is there a 6 month flea treatment for cats?

PROGRAM 6 Month Injectable for Cats is indicated for use in cats, six weeks of age and older, for the control of flea populations. Lufenuron controls flea populations by preventing the development of flea eggs and does not kill adult fleas.

What is the longest lasting flea treatment for cats?

Bravecto Spot-on for Cats kills pre-existing and new infestations of paralysis ticks for 3 months. Fleas are killed in up to 12 hours after treatment or after reinfestation during the 3 month treatment period. The flea life cycle can be broken by this rapid onset of action and long-lasting efficacy.

How often should I put flea treatment on my cat?

Give you cat his flea treatment on a regular day each month to ensure cover is continuous.

How long does a flea treatment last on a cat?

Furthermore, different flea treatments last for different periods. One may last for a month, while another one might last for three. The longer dosage will save you money, as you won’t be applying it nearly as often.

Which is the best flea and tick treatment for cats?

Frontline Plus Flea & Tick Cat Treatment isn’t a lousy treatment option by any means. However, it does work decently well, especially when compared to other options on the market. It does kill fleas, and it not expensive. It works for kittens and adults, as long as they are older than eight weeks and weigh more than 1.5 pounds.

Is it safe to give a dog flea treatment?

Many flea treatments for dogs are toxic for cats. Ingredients like permethrin are commonly included in dog flea and tick treatments, which can actually kill cats. Always follow the instructions on the product’s label with regards to dosing amounts and frequency unless otherwise directed by your veterinarian.

What should I do if my cat has fleas?

Your vet will be able to recommend a suitable product. Never use a dog flea treatment or a household flea spray on a cat. They often contain ‘permethrin’ which is extremely poisonous to cats. Contact your vet immediately if your cat has been exposed to a dog flea treatment or household flea spray. Will fleas keep coming back?

What is the best flea treatment for cats?

Citric acid from lemon juice is one of the best flea treatments for cats. To kill fleas on kittens and cats with lemon juice, cut a lemon into 4 pieces (quarters) and drop the pieces into boiling water, ensuring they are wholly submerged.

What is the best flea and tick medicine for cats?

The Bayer Advantage II Flea Prevention for Cats is one of the best flea and tick treatments for your kitty. The formula works on contact and doesn’t need the parasite to bite your kitty to work, spearing her the pain and irritation.

Is Flea and tick safe for cats?

Spot-on flea and tick control products are deservedly popular among pet owners. They’re fast and easy to use, and they are considered safe – as long as they are used according to label instructions. But when flea products designed for use only on dogs are applied to cats, the cats can become very ill and even die.