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What to know before moving to Puerto Rico?

What to know before moving to Puerto Rico?

It is easy to fall in love with the island of Puerto Rico, but things can be very different on a daily basis than when you are on vacation. So here are some things you should consider before making the big move. In Puerto Rico the overall cost of living is about 13% higher than the mainland United States.

What did Puerto Rico do after Hurricane Maria?

As has been highlighted since Hurricane Maria hit the island of Puerto Rico on September 20, 2017, the electrical infrastructure was outdated and in disrepair, but post-Maria repairs being done are providing the island a much-needed updated dependable system. Puerto Rico is also researching alternative fuel sources like wind and solar.

How do I get excise tax for moving to Puerto Rico?

Check with your local marines cargo company or an authorized trucking company for schedules and prices. In addition, contact the Office of Excise Taxes at (787) 721-6237 or (787) 721-0338 in Puerto Rico to obtain an approximate amount for the excise tax you will need to pay to bring your vehicle to the island.

Can a foreigner inherit real estate in Puerto Rico?

Foreigners cannot avoid the rules of “forced heirship” concerning an estate consisting of real property located in Puerto Rico, because the inheritance of such property is regulated by the laws of Puerto Rico.

Can a holographic will be executed in Puerto Rico?

The Puerto Rico Civil Code also recognizes the validity of a holographic will executed in the handwriting of the testator. A holographic will can be written by a foreigner in his or her own language outside Puerto Rico. It must comply with the formalities and substantive laws in the Puerto Rico Civil Code.

What happens if a person dies in Puerto Rico without a will?

If a person dies without a will, a lawyer in Puerto Rico must file an action in court to have the heirs of the deceased person declared as such. During the inheritance process in Puerto Rico, heirs will not be able to sell, convey or transfer the property located in Puerto Rico.