Why is my dog losing weight and having diarrhea?

Why is my dog losing weight and having diarrhea?

Gastro-intestinal disorders in dogs Weight loss can be a sign your dog is suffering from one of many possible gastro-intestinal disorders, which can affect their stomach and intestines. Other signs to look out for are chronic diarrhea or constipation, vomiting, dehydration and lethargy.

What can cause weight loss and diarrhea?

The weight loss may mean you are dehydrated. Some inflammatory bowel conditions such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis can also cause weight loss and diarrhea. Any change in bowel habits, especially with a loss in weight, has to be checked out.

Can you have an eating disorder and not lose weight?

Yes you can have an eating disorder and gain weight or lose weight but its not the right way to go about things. ive recently just studied this and there are short and long term health problems which can occur from having an eating disorder and it can affect those around you also.

Why did Tori Spelling lose so much weight?

According to sources close to her she hadn’t been eating regularly due to the crumbling of her marriage with Dean McDermott. Stress is definitely a factor in Tori’s case. Her mother, Candy, has admitted that eating disorders have run in the family and even admitted to losing an unhealthy amount of weight after birthing Tori.

Is the girl from Sharknado really losing weight?

This may be the better question. Over the years the Sharknado starlet has been the topic of extreme weight loss. But this year March she raised some eyebrows sporting a two piece bikini that exposed her stick-figure like legs and sagging skin. Supposedly she really just has a small frame, she told TMZ the following, “I eat, I eat, I eat, I eat.

Why did Victoria Beckham lose so much weight?

Victoria faced more criticism during this year’s Fashion Week in New York, apparently the majority of her models were ridiculously thin. However for her 2010 collection, she wanted to celebrate curves and banded the size zero garments from her clothing line. She may look better with a couple of extra pounds on her, but at least she’s healthy.