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Why would a mother abandon her kittens?

Why would a mother abandon her kittens?

Mother cats usually abandon their kittens when they’re old enough to fend for themselves, otherwise, they’ll have dozens of cats following them around and taking their food and their energy, so they really don’t have a choice. They get pregnant twice a year or so and have four kittens in a litter each time on average.

What should I do if I find an abandoned kitten?

Assess the situation. Don’t assume that a litter of kittens is orphaned just because you don’t see the mom. It’s common for the mother to leave her babies, so give the kittens a bit of distance and see if the mom returns. If she does – great!

Can a mother cat really abandon her kittens?

As heartbreaking as it is, a mother cat can abandon her kittens. A mother cat has very keen senses when it comes to the health of her kittens, and she may reject them for example if she perceives that they are weak or unhealthy.

What to do if a mom leaves her kittens?

It’s common for the mother to leave her babies, so give the kittens a bit of distance and see if the mom returns. If she does – great! The mom is the best suited to care for them, so leave them with her (unless you’re able to take the whole family in and care for them.)

Can you take a unweaned kitten to a shelter?

The majority of shelters do not provide care to unweaned kittens, so if you want them to have a shot, it’s going to be your responsibility to help them yourself, or to find someone who can. 3. Don’t panic – but do act quickly.

Why do mother cats abandon kittens?

Here are a few of the reasons a mother cat might reject or abandon her kittens before they’ve grown. First of all, many people come upon litters of kittens outdoors and assume they’ve been abandoned when, in fact, mom is nearby, probably hunting. Outdoor or stray moms sometimes scatter their kittens to avoid predation .

Why do mother cats reject their kittens?

When a mother rejects a kitten, it’s usually because the kitten is ill or has a congenital defect that reduces its survival prospects. This is sad, but she has to put her energies into raising the kittens that are more likely to thrive. A mother cat may also reject her kittens because she is ill or suffers from psychological problems.

Why would mother cat not feed her kittens?

The mother may also fail to produce enough milk to satisfy all the kittens. Without proper nutrition, a young kitten can quickly become dehydrated. If you notice that the mom cat isn’t nursing all of her kittens equally or at all, you may need to step in to bottle-feed some or all of the kittens.

How do mother cats react to kittens leaving?

The kittens will leave to have their own lives, eventually having kittens of their own. A male will leave to claim his own territory and sow his seed. The kittens, however, may have a little more trouble with the process. Sometimes a kitten may refuse to eat or seem depressed for several days after leaving his mom.