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Can you return medication to a vet?

Can you return medication to a vet?

Veterinary Specialty Hospital will not accept medications for return under any circumstances. California State Health Code forbids the resale of any prescription medication that has been dispensed from the hospital.

Do vets treat their own pets?

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), Principles of Veterinary Medical Ethics of the AVMA, such restrictions do not exist. There are those of us who would prefer to direct all aspects of our own pet’s treatment.

Can a vet prescribe to humans?

Usually vets will prescribe veterinary drugs designed specifically for cats, dogs, horses etc. In such circumstances, the vet can prescribe medicines designed for human use (so all properly tested and regulated) in doses suitable for your pet.

Can you sue your vet for medical malpractice?

It’s a pet owner’s worst nightmare: You bring your animal to your veterinarian for a routine procedure and something goes horribly wrong. When your doctor commits medical malpractice, you can file a medical malpractice lawsuitto recover damages. But what happens when your veterinarian injures your pet?

Why do vets not give you painkillers after surgery?

— Phil Zeltzman, DVM. “A lot of veterinarians have told me matter-of-factly that they still don’t use painkillers for procedures that we know are painful. They think that dogs and cats don’t need it or that feeling pain after surgery is good because it keeps them from moving around too much.

What is an example of a vet making an error?

Your vet has made a significant error while working with your pet. A botched surgery, a missed diagnosis, a medical prescription error are examples that should cause consternation.

Can a cat fight wound be treated with antibiotics?

Cat fight wounds are relatively easy to treat with antibiotics if they are caught early. If a delay occurs, an abscess may develop that requires anesthesia and surgery. Cat owners should remember that the above list is not exhaustive; it is not possible to list (or even imagine) all cat emergencies.

What did I do wrong when taking my cat to the vet?

It’s already hard enough on your cat, so you need to bring your cat-parenting A-game and check your irrational emotions at the door. This is easier to do if you aren’t thinking about snatching an extra post-exam cat treat to assuage your own growling stomach. 2. I used the wrong kind of carrier

What happens if you give your cat flea and tick medicine?

Flea and tick medicine poisoning occurs when your cat has a negative reaction to the medication. The chemicals from the medication disrupt the nervous system and can lead to serious health problems.

What did the vet tech say about my cat?

“He’s a handsome guy,” the vet tech said. He sounded like he really meant it. “I know,” I said, swelling with pride that someone who looked at cats for a living was taking an interest in my silver-gray boy. I was so pleased, in fact, that when Bubba prepared to jump off the table, I just let it happen.

Can you take a cat to the vet in a carrier?

That way the vet can lift the top off and do the majority of the exam in the carrier, allowing the cat to stay in his cave surrounded by familiar smells. My carrier zipped closed down the front, leaving me no choice but to let Bubba out — and let chaos in.