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How does the smartfeeder work for your pet?

How does the smartfeeder work for your pet?

SmartFeeder matches your pet with the ideal food recipe to ensure your pet is properly fed. SmartFeeder monitors how much food supply you have in your home and ships more when you’re running low. Our goal is to simplify your life by delivering your pet’s ideal food directly to your doorstep.

How often can I Feed my Cat a feeder?

The feeder can be programmed to provide nutrition to pets up to four times each day. Each meal can be personalized to your pet’s pallet by providing between 2 teaspoons and 4.5 cups at one time. The WOpet 7L Automatic Pet Feeder Food Dispenser understands how much we love our cats and dogs.

Which is the best pet feeder to use with wet food?

WOpet Automatic Pet Feeder with Ice Pack : Best Option for Use with Wet Food The WOpet Automatic Pet Feeder with Ice Pack offers a way to safely feed wet food to cats without worrying about spoilage. This option from WOpet includes an ice pack that keeps wet food fresh.

How does the PetSafe smart feed pet feeder work?

The PetSafe Smart Feed Pet Feeder lets your know when your pet’s enjoying dinner time. Even give a small snack from your smartphone if you think your pet is still hungry! Let the feeder keep your pet full and happy, so you and your pet can live happy together !

Do you need a PetSafe 2 meal splitter?

The Petsafe 2 Meal Splitter makes meal time a breeze for 2 pets to eat at once. The kit comes with everything needed to add to your PetSafe Smart Feed Pet Feeder. With the Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder, dinnertime has never been easier!

Can you control more than one pet feeder?

The bowl, bowl holder, lid and hopper are top-rack dishwasher safe to make clean-up quick and easy. You can control the feeder from multiple smartphones so every family member can make sure your pet is fed on time. If you purchase more than one feeder, you can control every feeder from your smartphone within the My PetSafe app.

What are the different types of Automatic pet feeders?

Automatic Feeders. 1 PetSafe ® Eatwell ™ 5 Meal Automatic Pet Feeder. $44.99. $64.99. Free Same-Day Delivery! 2 PetSafe ® Drinkwell ® Pet Fountain. 3 Petmate ® Replendish ® Pet Waterer. 4 Grreat Choice ® Polka Dot Gravity Pet Feeder. 5 GAMMA2 NANO ® Automated Pet Feeder. More items