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Is an Elliptical Bike Good for Weight Loss

Studies tell us that elliptical bike workouts are a great form of exercise because they allow you to engage in weight-bearing movement that places much less impact on the joints, a lot less than if you were to run.

Not only can this form of cardiovascular exercise help you tone your muscles and increase the amount of weight loss that is possible, but exercise using an elliptical bike can also strengthen your muscles at the same time. Let’s delve into some of the more nitty gritty details of all the benefits that this form of exercise can provide.

Ellipticals Help With Increased Weight Loss

If you are looking to hit a particular weight loss target, ellipticals are quite successful tools to use in order to attain weight loss goals. To maximize your numbers, you might consider using their formula to estimate the number of calories you will burn on an elliptical machine during a 30-minute workout, especially if you have a particular target in mind.

To calculate this number, be sure to weigh yourself and then take your weight and multiply it by 2.16. This number is the approximate number of calories that you will burn while exercising using the elliptical. Given that each person exercises at a different level of intensity, and you will therefore burn calories at a different rate than your work-out partner, we suggest using these numbers as estimates only.

Ellipticals Are Great Cardio Training

One of the biggest benefits of using an elliptical for weight loss is that it allows you to incorporate a highly productive cardio session as part of your workout routine.

These kinds of activities might include a brisk walk, fast dancing, or a daily twenty-minute run. Alongside that moderately intense work-out, adults also need to incorporate a muscle-strengthening activity in their work-out at least two days each.

These kinds of activities might include lifting weights or doing push-ups. Thankfully, incorporating the elliptical into your weight loss plan means that you can accomplish both of these tasks at the very same time!

There are a number of added benefits to this great form of cardio training. Not only can incorporating the elliptical get your heart racing in a good way, it can also improve creativity, sleep, energy levels, hormonal balance, sexual function, and mental activity.

By getting your heart racing, the elliptical can help generate an increase blood flow to the areas of the brain that are responsible for cognitive functions. In the long-term this means a potential decrease in type-2 diabetes, stroke, and cardiovascular disease.

High-intensity interval training

Along with getting your heart racing, the oxygen flowing, and stretching your muscles, the elliptical also allows people to incorporate short increments of intense training with longer periods of lower resistance and slower pace.

This very literally might entail a repetitive pattern of increasing your incline and pace for 20–30 seconds and then slowing down the pace of your movement and the intensity of your work-out for 60–90 seconds.

This kind of high-intensity and interval training allows you to shift the pacing of your exercise routine and also give yourself time for rest.

By giving yourself the opportunity to take a break you are allowing your body to recuperate. Failing to do so might mean that you will wear yourself out quickly. Studies indicate that high-intensity interval training burns more calories in a shorter workout session.

Whether working out on your own or with the help of trainer, incorporating the elliptical into your work-out routine can really help you ramp up the intensity of your training sessions without necessarily putting tremendous strain on your body.