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Smart Home Door Lock: the Perfect Choice for Your Home

Locks have been used for more than 5,000 years to ensure higher safety. Long-time ago, a lock could only be opened with a key. However, we all have forgotten our keys or lost them at least once. That is why we came up with code locks. Even though this type of clock solves the problem we just mentioned, it still can not ensure complete safety.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of the Internet and big data, many home appliances such as our television, fridge, and even door lock can connect to the Internet. We can even control them from our smartphone. In this case, a safe smart home door lock is of vital importance. Here are the reasons why a smart home door lock is the perfect choice for your home door.


Have you ever experienced taking a bunch of keys but you can’t find the right one to open the door? It is also annoying when you already arrive home but realize that you didn’t take the right key. But if you install a smart door lock, you won’t need to face these problems. MOLILOCK is a company with more than 20 years of experience in the production of smart home door locks. Its S3 smart lock solves these problems perfectly. It is not only a fingerprint lock, but it also has a variety of other methods to open a door. Some of these include using a code, key, and its smartphone app. It uses a new algorithm to accurately identify the fingerprint so that the door will open as long as you hold the lock. This is far more convenient than finding the right key while standing in front of the door.


People usually think that it is not safe when connecting a home door lock to the Internet in fear of hacker attacks. Once your smartphone and home Internet are attacked, your smart home door lock will be useless. But according to research, most smart door locks are much safer than you think, maybe even safer than ordinary key locks. Take the MOLILOCK K501 for example. It allows you to open your door with a fingerprint, Bluetooth, card, and code. It has a top security lock body, which includes a hidden keyhole for top security performance. It relies on an Internet cloud technology and can keep track of open records. In case of emergency, it can also remotely change the password to ensure the security of your home. Besides, it has two modules available, including the Bluetooth gateway and the NB-IoT networking functions.


A good-looking home door lock is also important since it can influence how your door looks. Traditional home door locks usually look not that pretty. But if you install a smart home door lock like the S3, your home door will look differently. Its design fits the beauty standard of modern people.

All in all, a home door lock is so essential to your home that you should choose it carefully. In this case, locks produced by a trustworthy company like MOLILOCK are always the best choice. MOLILOCK is one of the top 10 brands and leading smart door lock manufacturers in China. It has built up a complete organizational structure, including technical research, manufacturing, marketing, and after-sales service. Under the increasingly intensive market competition, MOLILOCK continually creates new products every year to catch up with their clients’ requirements and the new trends in technology. So if you want to install a smart home door lock, MOLILOCK is the answer!