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Top Digital Advertising platforms to use in 2019

As a brand or a business, you are always looking for ways to increase your reach and sales in the most cost effective ways. In the day and age, digital platforms are becoming increasingly more complex and sophisticated. Hence, it’s important for businesses to understand which digital advertising platforms work better for their industry, business model and business objective.

So, what are the top digital advertising platforms this year that you can leverage for your business? After some thorough research, we have managed to come up with ten of the best platforms of these kinds. Read about them here below.

Top Digital Advertising Platforms To Use In 2019

1: Google Ads

Google is by far the most visited site on the internet. Many people use it to gain information which they need to further access other sites. It is hence that site which you, by all means, want to prioritize in your search for the best platform.

Make use of the Google Adsense to display your product or site. You will receive comparatively instant feedbacks owing to the many people who visit the site on a daily basis and at any given time.

2: Facebook/Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram are social networking sites. They are used mostly by youthful persons to connect and share with their peers. Even though the reach is not as high as that of the search engines, people spend much of their times here.

This more time means more exposure and the possibility that your product shall be viewed by others. These two venues are great for informative advertising.

3: Amazon Ads

Amazon is undoubtedly the king of the online auction. Indeed, many people prefer ordering their merchandises via the platform. Most of the people who will see your adverts are those who are ready and prepared to make a purchase.

Its most crucial disadvantage is the fact that many of the potential buyers are located within the USA and a dozen other countries. The platform may not yield much fruit when aimed at persons outside the stated geographical locales.

4: YouTube Ads

Much like Amazon, YouTube is the king of video content sharing. It also ranks among the three most visited sites on the internet. This makes it a good hunting-ground for prospective buyers of your commodities.

With YouTube, it is possible for you to use the same video clips you would use on the television broadcast platforms. This again goes a long way in enhancing its overall efficacy as a good platform.

5: Twitter Ads

This micro-blogging site is also yet another fertile hunting ground for new clients. Many people visit the platform on a monthly and annual basis to socialize with their peers. It mostly appeals to elderly bloggers.

Just like any other social networking site, those adverts that are posted on Twitter are more likely to generate instant responses. You should hence never shy away from using the platform for your advertising needs.

6: LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is to the professionals what Facebook is to the youthful population. It is a platform where professionals world over connects and share their experiences and contents. Some even post job vacancies here.

You should hence be selective with the kinds of adverts you post here. To generate greater returns, advertise only those products which can appeal to professionals and members of the working class.

7: Gmail Ads

Gmail is now the world’s most popular free e-mail service. This makes it also a good place to attempt to reach out to the would-be client. Take advantage of the Gmail ads to do this.

Its most outstanding strength is that it allows you to incorporate much information about the product. You even post photos and attach links to your site via this platform.

8: Bing Ads

Bing is much like Google. It is a search engine which is used to look up and provide access to other sites based on some keyword. It is not as popular as Google is though.

This notwithstanding, the site is still a great hunting ground for prospective clients. To be able to reach out to this potential clientele, use the Bing Ads. They appear whenever some keywords are typed.

9: Ad Colony

Many people do access the internet via mobile platforms. It is only wise to similarly target them via the same platform. The AdColony allows you to do just that. That is because it is a mobile video ad network.

It allows you to target your potential clients in a number of ways and options. These include the platform e.g. Android or iOS, device, connection type, geography, content, and demographics. This allows for more personalized advertising.

10: Tube Mogul

Tube Mogul is just like the Ad Colony. It is also a mobile video ad network. This platform, however, contains many features which set it apart from the others. It is designed in such a way as to allow only human to click your ads.

With this advertising platform, you may be sure that the responses you will obtain are from real people, not robots or chatbots. This subsequently means that you will spend less yet obtain more realistic expressions of interests.


Digital Advertising and online marketing can open floodgates of revenues for your business when executed correctly. This article has shared interesting perspective on the top digital advertising platforms and how you can leverage them. However, it is necessary to know how to pick the right channel mix. To do this, you will have to factor your product, the income levels of your target market, and their preferred site from the list above.

It is also necessary to time your adverts appropriately to coincide with those times when you will most likely obtain better responses. Take time to track the past trends and user activities to be able to know this.