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What to do if I found a kitten?

What to do if I found a kitten?

  1. Bring the whole family inside to a quiet, small room (like a bathroom). You can also use a large dog crate, covered with a blanket.
  2. Provide the mother cat and kittens with a carrier as a hiding place. Provide food and water, and a litter box placed as far away from the sleeping and eating area as possible.

What was the name of the kitten that was abandoned?

A kitten who was abandoned for being too ‘playful’ got a happy ending when he found a new loving home right before Christmas . D’Artagnan, a black and white kitten from South London, was abandoned by his former owner, who had no experience with cats and thought he was feral.

What happens if you find an abandoned kitten?

Abandoned kittens are unfortunately at greater risk for health issues. Photography by Branislav Ostojic/Thinkstock. Not every kitten rescue has a happy ending. Since an abandoned kitten doesn’t get the benefits of the antibodies in the mother’s milk, she’s more vulnerable to problems like infections, hypothermia and anemia.

Where can I find a home for a stray kitten?

There are many ways to find the stray kitten a home — check out for a guide of best practices. Unless, of course, he or she is already home. Kittens are, after all, irresistible!

What should I do if I find an orphaned kitten?

Helping orphaned kittens will first require some detective work. One of the biggest mistakes people make when finding stray kittens is taking them away from their mother. Neonatal kittens are still nursing and need to be fed frequently, so they should be kept with their mother, if possible. Are the kittens sleeping comfortably?

Why do mother cats abandon kittens?

Here are a few of the reasons a mother cat might reject or abandon her kittens before they’ve grown. First of all, many people come upon litters of kittens outdoors and assume they’ve been abandoned when, in fact, mom is nearby, probably hunting. Outdoor or stray moms sometimes scatter their kittens to avoid predation .

Do mother cats abandon kittens?

As heartbreaking as it is, a mother cat can abandon her kittens. A mother cat has very keen senses when it comes to the health of her kittens, and she may reject them for example if she perceives that they are weak or unhealthy. On the other hand, she may also leave her kittens alone for a long time to search for food or to find a new location.

Why do cats abandon young?

Cats may abandon their kittens if they instinctively feel that the environment is one where she would not be able to rear them properly. She may know that the kitten is sick and will leave it so it won’t infect the other kittens.

Why do people abandon cats?

Inappropriate elimination (urinating outside the litter tray) is a potential reason for abandonment. The reasons behind this behavior might be found in the environment that the person has created (too stressful for example). Another and controversial reason why people abandon their cats is declawing.