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When did the Maine Coon cat become a household name?

When did the Maine Coon cat become a household name?

In fact, this black and white Maine Coon is the first recorded in written literature and is a household name inside Maine Coon communities. Mrs. Pearce’s detailed records show that in 1878, a dozen Maine Coon cats were entered to compete in a cat show in Boston but did not win.

What to look for in a Maine Coon cat?

Specifically for Maine Coons, the parents should be screened for disorders, such as PKD. The combination of robust physical features and gentle personality has won the hearts of many cat lovers, and those who own one may be thinking of breeding him or her.

Where did Captain Charles Coon bring his cats?

When Captain Charles Coon would come to anchor in the ports along the New England coast, including Maine, his cats would come on land as well.

How are Angora cats related to Maine Coon cats?

The tale that connects Angora cats to Maine Coon cats is the story of Marie Antoinette’s near escape to the United States. When Marie Antoinette and her family were arrested at Versailles in 1793, her ship captain Samuel Clough, and some of her sympathizers planned an escape to the state of Maine.

How old was the oldest Maine Coon cat?

The Oldest Maine Coon. The oldest Maine Coon became 27 years old. His name was Corduroy. So, as you see, it is definitely possible for Maine Coon cats to become older than 15 years. And we are not talking about a small difference here. We are talking about a Maine Coon that got 12 years older than the oldest average Maine Coon.

Where can I buy a Maine Coon kitten?

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Why was the Maine Coon cat unmixed for so long?

The cold and the distances between human settlements in Maine helped the Maine Coon cat breed stay unmixed for hundreds of years. This is mainly due to a small number of other cats in the area and a first-hand experience of Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest.

How did the Maine Coon get its name?

The cat + raccoon theory also has a bit of influence in the name of the Maine Coon. Before it was called the Maine Coon, it was simply called “Maine cat.” The addition of the second word, Coon, could be from the abbreviation for raccoon, coon, or as we will see further on, from Captain Charles Coon.