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Why does my cat ignore me when I have been away?

Why does my cat ignore me when I have been away?

It’s actually pretty common for cats to act strangely or aggressively after their humans return from vacation. They’re sensitive to change and you being gone has not only disrupted their routine but also their bond with you.

Why is my cat hissing at my other cat after spay surgery?

Very common for cats to get antagonistic with others after any kind of vet visit where they went separately. It has to do with smelling different and/or behaving different. The anesthesia can cause them to behave oddly for a few days.

Why is my cat being mean to my other cat after surgery?

The returning cat may have discharged his or her anal sacs at the veterinarian’s office or is otherwise emitting pheromones associated with stress. This may signal danger to the other cat, thereby causing him to become aggressive.

Why does my cat not recognize my other cat after vet?

It almost appears that the cats don’t recognize each other. This is essentially true because the absent cat has an altered scent that its housemates don’t recognize. Confident kitties usually work out their shortsightedness in time. But you can speed up the process, and prevent worsening of feline relationships.

Do you restrict activity with your cats after spaying?

I have never had to restrict activity with my cats after spaying. I did have to watch her jumping too much but it really was not necessary. Seclusion is probably the best bet if you have a “safe” room. You can isolate her for a couple of days and then allow her back into the house.

Can you put an e collar on a spayed cat?

I used the e-collar on a spayed cat only once, because the cat was going to bite the stitches, but she kept the collar on for about 5 days. Ten days seem a long time to me. Thanks for replying! It does not look inflamed and they said the stitches are on the inside and they used surgical glue on the outside.

Why is my Cat Sick a week after she was spayed?

There are other possibilities. If she wasn’t recently spayed then I would wonder if she had eaten something toxic to her, or even something that has just caused some stomach upset. If she goes outside, then an infection from a cat bite or scratch could be the culprit.

How old was mother cat when she spayed her kittens?

Babies were 10 weeks old when mom was spayed and almost 12 weeks when mom went to her new home. The last two kittens would regularly try to nurse off her right until the day she left; I got the impression it was starting to be just a comfort thing and not at all a food thing because they ate like little horses.

Why is my new cat not getting along?

2. A New Cat Is Not Getting Along With Current Cat (s) in the Household Bringing a new cat or kitten into the home when you already have one or more cats can upset the current hierarchy within the household. A proper, slow introduction will help ease the adjustment.

Are there long-term problems after a kitten is spayed?

Long-Term Complications. Occasionally complications can arise days, weeks or years after your kitten has been spayed. Days after a complicated spay, ureter injury can lead to problems with urine traveling from your kitten’s kidneys to the bladder.

When to put a cone on a cat after spaying?

Put a cone collar on your cat if she keeps licking or biting at the wound. She might rip out the sutures or introduce bacteria that could cause infection. Be sure to ask your vet for a cone collar if he did not give you one when your kitty was discharged.

Is it normal for cats to fight with each other?

This is more common with younger cats, but it can happen at any age. Cats will chase each other around the house, tackle each other, and fight like little wrestlers on the floor. It can sometimes get pretty intense, but, as long as they’re not crying out in pain, there’s no need to break them up.