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Why is my cat walking weird with back legs?

Why is my cat walking weird with back legs?

The most common cause of rear limb paralysis in cats is a blood clot that goes to the back leg, called a saddle thrombus or arterial thromboembolism (ATE). This clot blocks blood flow to the affected limb(s). A clot in the back leg suddenly causes the cat to be unable to put full weight on the affected leg.

Why do male cats walk funny?

The most likely thing that is going on here is that your cat has some kind of back pain, I have seen quite a few like this over the years, perhaps a minor ” Slipped disk type lesion ” This can happen due to trauma such as jumping from high objects but it can also happen spontaneously for no particular cause. 2.

Why does my cat not walk on its hind legs?

Other times, a cat cannot walk because its legs fail, more commonly, the cat’s hind legs. In these cases the weakness is obvious. You may notice that your cat stand but falls or cannot move at all. Sometimes this succeeds but with strange movements such as , raising the legs abnormally or your cat moving its legs in circles.

What causes a cat to walk in a circle?

Vestibular syndrome in cats is a neurological disorder in cats that produces symptoms such as: 1 Head tilting 2 Walking in circles 3 Nystagmus (continuous eye movements) 4 Strabismus 5 Ataxia in cats, which produces the lack of coordination that will make it difficult to walk.

What to do if your cat can’t walk or stand?

If your old cat can’t walk or stand, take it to the vet IMMEDIATELY. A professional will be able to diagnose the problem correctly and treat it accordingly. For more, take a look at our article where we discuss caring for older cats. This article is purely informative.

What are the physical ailments of an older cat?

One of the most common physical ailments that affect senior cats is reduced mobility or immobility. Often hallmarked by hind leg weakness, stiffness, balance problems, and an inability to walk without a limp, the older feline can easily fall victim to joint and muscle deterioration.

Why does my cat walk on his hind legs?

i If your cat starts walking like a drunk, weak in the hind end, don’t assume he got into the catnip. That hind leg neuropathy indicates he’s probably suffering from feline diabetes mellitus. Take him to the vet for diagnosis and treatment: he should soon be back on all four legs.

Why does my cat stand on his hocks?

Neuropathy. Under normal circumstances, Kitty moves gracefully on his toes. If he’s exhibiting signs of hind leg neuropathy, he’ll stand on his hocks, the joint in the back legs that’s similar to human ankles. Your cat might also appear crouched over. The neuropathy results from chronic nerve damage caused by the high glucose levels in his system.

What are the symptoms of cat not being able to walk?

Its other symptoms include: 1 Lack of appetite 2 Weight loss 3 Diarrhea 4 Fever 5 Salivation 6 Loss of vision 7 Jaundice

What are the symptoms of weak back legs in cats?

Weak and stiff back legs in cats can come on suddenly, or more gradually. Symptoms that you may notice include: Lameness (limping) Struggling to stand; Slow or stiff walking; Unsteady back legs; Holding a leg off the floor while standing; Dragging the back paws; Legs giving out or collapsing; Paralysis – unable to move the legs at all