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Why is my kittens poop liquid?

Why is my kittens poop liquid?

Food allergies, overfeeding, or eating inedible items can also cause diarrhea in kittens. Items like bones, fabrics, or kitty litter can create intestinal blockages if swallowed. While a poor diet is one of the most common reasons kittens suffer from diarrhea, there are other possible causes as well.

Why does my kitten’s poop smell so bad?

well i see it this way: your cat is a kitten still. kittens and young mammals digestive systems digest things differently and therefore, their feces has a different smell and odor than full grown mammals. baby poop smells awfull, and, although adult poop smells too, baby poop has a different, stronger odor.

What to look for in cat food for smelly poop?

In addition to identifying specific problems with your cat’s diet, there are some general things you should look for in a cat food to reduce litter box odor. Here are some things to look for in cat food for smelly poop: High-quality animal protein.

Is it bad for a cat to poop in the House?

Cat poop smells horrible – there is simply no way around it. The great thing about cats is that they do their business in a litter box in the house. The bad thing about cats is that they do their business in a litter box in the house.

When to take your cat to the vet for smelly stool?

In cases where there is no serious underlying problem, your cat’s smelly stools may resolve themselves within a few days. If the problem persists or if your cat develops bloody stools, vomiting, or low energy, it could be a sign of an emergency situation, and you should talk to your vet right away.

Why does my kitten smell bad?

Halitosis/Bad Breath. Halitosis is the most common cause of bad cat smell. Halitosis could be the result of dental decay, oral cancer or even kidney disease.

Why does my cat smell like poop?

Digestive Issues. If your cat smells like poo and you’ve checked him over for visible feces and can’t find any, he may have a case of gas. Flatulence in felines can be caused by a number of digestive issues such as; Dairy products. Food containing high amounts of wheat, corn, soybeans and other fibre.

How often do kittens Poo?

The average kitten usually poops once or twice a day, although every kitten is different and things like his diet and fluid consumption may alter his regularity. If he’s still taking milk, either from Mama or a bottle, his poop is usually firm, well-formed and looks brownish-yellow.

What does cat poop smell like?

Your cat’s poop will always smell, but if you notice a change in odor it could be a problem with its diet. Cat foods made with low-quality fillers, thickening agents, dairy products, and allergens are more likely to make your cat’s poop smell.