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5 Tech Tools That Can Help Freelancers Make Money Online

Freelancing offers many interesting opportunities that traditional workplaces don’t, you get more freedom, more flexibility, and potentially more money.

However, it’s estimated that by 2020, 43% of the US workforce will consist of freelancers. That’s millions of people competing in this growing market, and not everyone will be able to make a great profit.

To ensure that your freelancing work is lucrative, you’ll need some of the best tech tools that will help you stay on top of everything and place you well ahead of the competition.

So, let’s check out some of the best tools for the job.

Personal Finance Apps

It doesn’t matter what kind of a freelancer you are –  you cannot hope to be satisfied with the amount of money you make if you don’t know how to handle it.

Now, there are quite a few different personal finance apps that can help you in different ways.

Most of them primarily allow you to plan your budget. You’ll get to see where your money comes from, where it goes, whether you owe any debts, etc. Most of their features help you save money rather than make it, however.

But there are a few apps that can, in fact, get you the best of both worlds. Apps designed with freelancers in mind have a few unique features.

Chiefly, you’ll get to organize all your projects and see whether any clients owe you money. You can keep track of any scheduled payments, those that have come in, and those that are late. They also allow you to calculate your income (minus the taxes) before you even accept the gig so that you can know whether it’s worth it.

The best apps can make micro-investments in your name, putting your hard-earned money to good use, and helping you increase your income.

Project Manager

Project managers are excellent business tools that will allow you to stay organized and keep track of all of your projects.

Some of its main advantages are:

  • Better communication with clients
  • Easier scheduling
  • Improved budget management
  • Easier document sharing and access

It’s one thing when you get to meet your clients in person and discuss your project in detail, quite another when you have to do it remotely. Project management tools allow you to be clear with your schedule and make your communication with your clients much more straightforward.

As far as “making money” goes, staying organized and on top of everything will allow you to be more efficient and more productive, allowing you to make more money faster.

Best AI Chatbots

Why would a freelancer need a chatbot with the best AI? Because it’s the smartest thing to do. Including a chatbot on your own website or across your social media accounts will give you a chance to reach more clients quicker.

The best AI chatbots can help you make more money by serving up highly-targeted adverts to prospective clients. Using machine learning technology, they can analyze the information during the chat and show relevant products or services.

You’ll improve your lead generation, perfect your upselling process, and much more.

The best part is that you can do most of it for free. Through platforms such as, you can create your own chatbot, customize it, ensure it’s communicating with the clients in the exact way that you want, and more. You don’t even need any prior coding skills to get started.

Social Media Management Tools

While the best AI chatbots give you an omnichannel presence and allow you to communicate with prospective clients wherever they are – be it Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, or anything in between – you still need to ensure that you’re active across your social media accounts.

Inactive accounts can have a detrimental impact on your image, making you seem unreliable and unprofessional.

Besides, social media is a place where you can definitely make some extra cash. For example, businesses that use Pinterest report getting $2 in profit for every $1 spent.

Now, when it comes to managing your numerous social media accounts, the easiest way to do so is through social media management tools.

You can create your posts in advance, come up with a posting schedule, set it up, and let this amazing tool do the rest.

Analytics Tools

As a freelancer, your top concern will be bringing valuable products or services to your clients. You cannot truly do that unless you know exactly what your clients need and want.

To figure that out, relying on various analytics tools is your best option. Analytics tools help you make use of all the data that you collect from your clients.

You’ll gain insight into your most popular social media posts, into which of your webpages are doing well, and which aren’t. Using these tools, you’ll be able to make better business and market predictions.

They allow you to stay ahead of the competition, ensuring you’ll make a profit and stay relevant.

The Bottom Line

Using tech tools to ensure your freelancing career runs smoothly is not an option anymore – it’s a necessity.

The most useful tools at your disposal include:

  • Personal finance apps
  • Project management tools
  • Chatbots with the best AI
  • Social media management tools
  • Analytics tools

Ensuring that your freelancing business is lucrative is an ongoing process, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution that will make this happen. You must take advantage of all the available tools if you want to make money online.