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6 steps on How to sell your old electronics online

Do you have the old electronics lying around in the house? Do you feel to throw those electronics in the garbage? Wait and think before you take the step. Do you know that you can easily turn your phone or old electronics into easy cash? If you do wish to eliminate those old or used items from your apartment then selling them off would be a great option for you. Many websites such as can help you sell those items online easily. These websites generally accept gaming consoles, fitness trackers, mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras, and more. With an online selling facility, you have the option to sell your products at any time in a day and you can target a huge audience at once from all over the world. During the current period of the pandemic, it has proven to be a huge boom for individuals who could not go out and sell their used electronics physically at stores.

These online websites generally offer a fair price as compared to the other offline merchants or individuals. Most of the time you tend to sell these used electronics in person through a middle man and hence you can expect a lesser margin. With an online selling facility, you can sell directly to the consumers online and can expect the full amount for your goods. Some of the websites even accept the damaged or broken items and pay you accordingly. But you would be confused about how to go about it since there are many options around you. Here we will guide you on how and where you can sell your used electronics online.

Apple Trade-In

Here Apple will help you to trade your used electronics online. If you have used a laptop, mobile, watches, or any other devices then apple will help you to trade-in. But here you get paid only through Apple Store Gift Card. They generally run this trade-in offers multiple times a year. If they do not have any offer then they decide to recycle these products without any cost. Generally, this process takes up to two to three weeks to complete the process if you place the order online. But if you visit the store personally then it can be done immediately.

Amazon Trade-In

Similar to Apple Amazon also helps you to trade in your electronics in return for an Amazon gift card. All you need to do is to enter the details of your product and specify the condition as well. Post this Amazon will give you the offer for your product and then you can accept it. Here you can also trade in various home appliances or instruments such as wireless routers or home security devices. Amazon will check the authenticity of the product that you have mentioned and then they will credit the suitable amount for the product in your account in the form of an Amazon gift card. Amazon even has trade-in stores where you can trade-in your electronics and walk away with the Amazon devices instantly.


Itsworthmore is another suitable platform which would help you to sell your electronics. Here you can trade-in your products within 72 hours and get the payment in the form of a check, Zelle, and PayPal. Here you would need to answer few questions regarding your product and then Itsworthmore will give you the offer for it. Here you can also choose the option of how do you wish to receive the payment. You can expect standard shipping without any charge. You can also get the two-day shipping with the additional cost of $15 with a processing time of 24 hours.

Best Buy Trade-In program

If you wish to sell your used electronics easily then you can choose the Best Buy Trade-In program. Here this process will take up to 7 to 9 business works and if you can get it done instantly if you visit the store. Here you would need to mention the condition and model of the product. After this, you will receive the estimate from the Best Buy Trade-In program once you fill out the necessary questionnaire.


If you have tablets, iPods, phones, computers, headphones, and game consoles then you can sell them without any hassles on BuyBackWorld. Here you can get the payments in the form of BuyBackWorld gift card, PayPal, prepaid debit, direct deposit, and check. Here it takes 48 hours for the complete process and you can choose the payment method through which you wish to get paid. Here they will inspect your item once they receive your shipment and then you can get paid.

Trading your used electronics online will always be a good option as it allows to reduce the geographic boundaries and address the global market. So make sure to get the maximum leverage of it.