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Can cats have seizures from old age?

Can cats have seizures from old age?

Compared with dogs, seizures in older cats (and cats of all ages) are more commonly partial rather than general. Depending on the affected region of the brain the symptoms can vary significantly and may be very subtle. The symptoms of a partial seizure in cats can include: Unusual movements.

What causes a cat to have a seizure?

Extracranial seizures can be caused by: Your cat could also have a seizure as a result of epilepsy, which means that the seizure’s cause is unknown. Cat seizures can take many forms.

Can a cat be put on long term medication for seizures?

In most cases, if a cat has one seizure he is likely to have another eventually. However, not every cat that has recurring seizures will be put on long-term medication. Because of the stress on the liver that long term anticonvulsant use can cause, the medicine is usually not given to cats whose seizures are more than two months apart.

When to consider euthanasia for an old cat?

If the prognosis is poor or gave and your cat’s quality of life is declining, euthanasia may be suggested. When a cat ages, a greater burden is placed upon its internal organs. Old age is not so much the killer as are the complications that arise during your cat’s last years. When your cat is aging, you may find:

How often do seizures occur in the brain?

Seizures happen when abnormal electrochemical activity occurs in the brain. They can occur as a single event, as a cluster of seizures over a short period, or on a recurring basis every few weeks or months.

What do you do if your cat is having a seizure?

To keep your cat as safe as possible during a seizure, make sure there are no objects or furniture nearby that could potentially hurt the animal. If your cat is near the stairs while he is having a seizure, carefully move him out of danger or block the path to the stairs.

Can cats die from having a seizure?

Seizures can cause death, but most end quickly after they start and can be controlled with proper veterinary care. If your cat has a seizure, take him to the vet as soon as possible. Seizures should never go untreated. Always consult an experienced veterinarian regarding the health and treatment of your pet.

Why does my cat have seizures?

When exposed to pyrethroids , cats may initially have muscle tremors, stumble, and start seizing. Other chemical exposures may also affect a cat’s nervous system and cause a seizure. Another reason why a cat may have a seizure is due to head trauma.

Was my cat dreaming or having a seizure?

Cats do dream , and they can be twitching in their sleep, as they dream of catching something. A seizure looks different, however. A mild seizure is sometimes barely noticeable; it may be only rapid blinking of the eyes a few times and/or the twitching or shaking of a single paw.