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Can two cats share one feeder?

Can two cats share one feeder?

You can also get a separate feeder for each cat to make sure they only have access to their specific food — both the type and amount. Just program the feeders to open for the microchip or RFID tag that the cat is wearing.

Do stray cats share food?

They may share their food and groom young cats, and have even been witnessed breaking up fights between kittens, separating them gently with one paw when a fight gets out of hand. The one activity cats don’t share is hunting. Each cat will hunt on its own in its own area.

Can cats share dry food?

Many pet owners have a shared bowl for dry food, which cats can access at any time. As cats tend to graze on dry, there is less chance of them all trying to eat from the bowl at the same time. Some cats will stick with their own food bowl, but it’s not uncommon for cats to swap between bowls.

Is it OK for my Neighbor to feed feral cats?

Feral cats are very territorial and removing one colony of cats usually results in another one moving in. If your neighbor is too kind hearted to stop feeding those strays, then it’s better to be feeding spayed strays than a bunch of cats in heat.

What to do if your cat moves in with your neighbor?

I’m sure that is enough for her to stop feeding your cat. Its very confusing for cats to be fed in two places. Our problem has been going on for months and months but what our vet has suggested is keeping the cat in for at least 10 days to 2 weeks to break the cycle of going to the other house for food. Hopefully that would work for you!

How many kittens does one neighbor have?

You neighbor might not be willing to foot the bill, but maybe another neighbor will share the cost with you especially if it means an end to the problem. All it takes is one male and one female cat and their kittens, to produce over 400,000 offspring in a 7 year period.

Is it better to feed feral cats or spayed cats?

If your neighbor is too kind hearted to stop feeding those strays, then it’s better to be feeding spayed strays than a bunch of cats in heat. Once spayed, the feral cats will settle down and stop marking their territory. They will also do a fabulous job of running off other stray cats who are trying to muscle in.

What to do if your neighbor is feeding feral cats?

There’s several things you can do to deal with a neighbor who feeds feral cats. Rather than putting off the inevitable, it’s best to approach her early on while she’s feeding only a couple of cats. In as short as a year, two breeding cats can easily multiply into over a hundred cats, which my entire block learned the hard way.

Why do cats go to neighbors houses for food?

Plus, your cats are more likely to go to the neighbors’ houses looking for food, if you’re not feeding them — and getting in fights with other cats along the way. If they’re doing their job, there shouldn’t be many mice or rats around your farm.

Is it okay for my Neighbor to give my cat treats?

Unfortunately, not everyone understands it. Your neighbors might have the best intentions, but if they are constantly feeding your cat it can become an issue for you and your cat. A treat from time to time is not a big deal but if they give plenty of food to your cat on a regular basis, it is something to worry about.

How to ask a neighbour to control their wandering cat?

We have two indoor cats at home, well looked after and relatively happy. Thing is, this cat has decided that our house environs should be its second home. It lays in our garden, it wanders around our front and backyards, it digs in the garden and leaves messes generally, its a nuisance.